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Endorsed ForAmerica
2022 Candidates

ForAmerica endorses Congressional candidates who are committed pro-life champions and Constitutional conservatives.


For too long, Washington has only cared about Washington's interests. Simply put, Washington is For Washington, and far too many candidates for Congress perpetuate that self-interested DC-centric view. It's time for a culture change in Washington, DC, and the best way to produce that change is to elect individuals to Congress who are For America. And that's where we come in.


ForAmerica is serious about helping to send candidates who are For America to Congress. Our endorsements are given exclusively to candidates who are For Life and For the Constitution. Join us today in producing a culture change in DC! 

U.S. Senate

Candidates will  be announced soon. If you are a candidate and are interested in ForAmerica's endorsement, please email Sherri Francescon at

U.S. House

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