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Abortion Laws State by State: North Carolina - Texas


David Bozell: Hi, folks. David Bozell here. Today, we're going to continue our look at abortion laws in each state as the Roe v. Wade decision is imminent.

Okay. North Carolina.

Abortion would remain legal in many situations in North Carolina. The state doesn't allow abortion after viability except to save the life of the mother... It is a class H felony...

Every letter of the alphabet is represented here. I'm going to say North Carolina is a pro-abortion state. Hm... Commanding lead here.

North Dakota. Conversely, of the Norths -

Almost all abortions would be illegal. North Dakota's trigger law would take effect and permit abortions only to save the life of the mother, or in cases...

Of rape or incest. I'm going to go and say that North Dakota is a pro-life state. 21-13.

Ohio, the mother of all purple states. Well, it used to be, I guess.

Abortion would remain legal in Ohio up to the point of viability or 20 weeks, whatever comes first. It is illegal to have an abortion in Ohio because of a diagnosis of Down syndrome. Ohio permits abortions post-viability to save the life of the mother... Ohio passed a law banning abortion after a baby's heartbeat is detected, but the law was challenged in court and currently is enjoined from enforcement. If the Supreme Court overturns Roe, the litigation must first be resolved before the heartbeat law can take effect.

Well, sadly, even though Ohio is promising, it is still a pro-abortion state even after the Supreme Court overturns Roe, if it does.


Almost all abortions would be illegal.

Okay, good on that. We'll just keep going here, Oklahoma Sooners, Cowboys.

Conversely, Oregon, the Ducks and the Beavers.

Abortion would remain legal.

23, Oregon.


Abortion would remain legal in Pennsylvania through 23 weeks...

That's an odd week. Not 15, not 20, not 24. Sex-selective abortion, however, is illegal. Man, not good enough. I'd like to see 20 or lower. I really would. I think eight months is too long. Pennsylvania, pro-abortion. Don't argue with me, folks. Sorry. Not good enough. You're a pro-abortion state, so we decree.

Rhode Island.

Abortion would remain legal in Rhode Island until the time of viability for the baby. The law allows exceptions to save the life of the mother... Physicians who violate the post-viability ban face indefinite revocation of their license, but may receive only a reprimand.

Okay. Well, that's not good enough either. Rhode Island, pro-abortion state.

South Carolina.

Most abortions likely would become illegal. In 2021, South Carolina passed a legislation banning abortion after the baby's heartbeat is detected.

See, that's what I like to see. Come on. Very good. Huzzah. Good job, South Carolina. Okay, so we'll put South Carolina in the pro-life's category. Pro-life is down 10. 25-15.

Okay. South Dakota.

Almost all abortions would be illegal.

Trigger laws.

It would be a felony for abortion providers to violate the trigger law.

Okay. South Dakota. This is kind of fun.


Almost all abortions would become illegal.

SEC country. Imagine that, wanting to save lives.


All abortions likely would be banned in Texas.

Never mess with Texas, folks.

In 2021, Governor Greg Abbott, a Republican, assigned a trigger law to ban all abortions that would take effect 30 days after Roe is overturned. Texas also never repealed pre-Roe laws banning abortion, so these laws would go back into effect.



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