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Abortion Laws State by State: Utah - Wyoming


David Bozell: Hi, folks. David Bozell here. One last look at our final roster of states and their abortion laws as the Roe v. Wade decision from the Supreme Court is imminent.


Almost all abortions would become...

Man, pro-life is making a run here.

Almost all abortions would become illegal in Utah.

Okay. Good deal, Utah.

Oh, and I say we're making a run, but alas, here comes the greeners, the tree huggers, the state of cheese. Well, I should say the state of cheddar. Vermont.

All abortions would remain legal in Vermont...

Boo, Bernie Sanders. Vermont 26 - 19.


Most abortions would remain legal. However, Virginia allows abortion past the second trimester only if three physicians agree that it is necessary to save the mother's life... Partial-birth abortion is illegal in Virginia. Physicians found to have violated the law are guilty of a class 4 felony.

Man, leave it to Virginia to make it way... Well, it's not complicated, but to really throw a wrench into this exercise. What should we decide here? Most abortions would remain legal, that sticks with me. However, Virginia allows abortion past the second trimester only if three physicians agree. I'm going to go with Virginia being a pro-abortion state, making an executive decision there.

Okay. Washington State.

Most abortions would remain legal. Abortion is illegal in Washington after a baby is considered viable, but the law allows physicians to determine when an unborn child likely is able to survive...

So, we're going to go with pro-abortion, in that category.

West Virginia, we're coming to the end folks. West Virginia.

Almost all abortions would become illegal...

Well, good on that. Good on West Virginia. Well done, the mountaineers.

Okay. 21, Wisconsin.

Most abortions likely would become illegal [in Wisconsin].

That's got to surprise some pro-aborts. Wisconsin has a statute banning nearly all abortions, although state courts have interpreted that law differently. Well, 21, Wisconsin.

Wyoming, finally.

Almost all abortions would be illegal. Wyoming's trigger law, passed earlier this year, would permit abortion in cases of rape or incest. It would also allow an exception to protect the mother from 'a serious risk of death or of substantial and irreversible physical impairment...

Okay. Where were we? 22. Wyoming.

Okay. So, folks, if Roe v. Wade is overturned, in my grand estimation, we will be left with 28 pro-abortion states, including Washington, DC, and 21 pro-life states.

And the biggest surprises in the pro-life category - Michigan, Wisconsin. Yeah, those are the biggest. Oh, and Arizona. So, make sure, pro-lifers, make sure that you're fighting hard in those three states because you're... And it's a little ambiguous there, particularly in Michigan, that's a wild card, but we'll go with the 1931 statue.

On the pro-abortion side, some work needs to be done. Let's be realistic here and live in the world of the possible, okay? Florida, some things could be done there. Montana could stand to have some improvements. Kansas, Iowa, Ohio. Because I don't believe what happened in Pennsylvania in the 2020 election, Pennsylvania, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. If you add that, 28 minus 6 is 22. 21. Yeah. I mean, we're a 50/50 country. Oh. How about Alaska? Lordy be, that was another one. Come on, Alaska.

Man, we're a 50/50 country on abortion. No surprise. It is the defining issue of our time. Do you want to save babies or not? That's really the defining issue. If you're willing to have abortions, fund abortions, you're willing to do a lot of things. That's just the way that shoe is going to drop.

But we are really, essentially, with some surprises. And right now, we're leaning pro-abortion in terms of the state by state count. But if a few states cleared up some of the laws that they have on the books, we could be a majority pro-life country after all this is said and done. It's pretty remarkable. And I do think some of these states are going to be defined by their abortion laws. I really do.

It may not be an everyday thing, and it may not be sort of visible, in your face, but you're going to see a lot of public policy decisions based on the fact, based on demographics and the kinds of who is being aborted, the predominant races and genders of who is being aborted. All this stuff has public policy impact. Whereas the pro-life stays predominantly, for the most part, want your babies to live. And that's a good thing.

Okay. Hope you enjoyed that. And good on Daily Signal and The Heritage Foundation for putting all that together.

Still work to be done on the pro-life cause.

We decree, ForAmerica decrees that there are 27 states plus DC, 28, that are pro-abortion, 21 states that are pro-life.

Alright, Take it easy.


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