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Advanced Placement Testing Has Gone Woke

Partial Transcript:

David Bozell: Public service announcement: If you've got kids, grandkids, you want your kids or your grandkids to be in AP classes, right? Advanced placement. That's sort of next level public school class, where you're in the AP class, right? So, there's kind of the tiers in the public school system. And a lot of kids go for it.

Now, this comes out of Missouri. So, just so you know, what your kids and your grandkids might be put in front of them, because, and as I'll explain, this is kind of, this is more nationwide than originally reported. So, this is out of Wentzville, Missouri. A girl was, a student was assigned a test to get into AP government, advanced placement government. And she was asked, this was one of the questions that was in the test, right? It says,

Theresa has heard in the news about the fatal shootings of unarmed African American men by police officers, but does not think it is necessarily due to racism. Theresa is most likely a:

And then you're supposed to, it gives you multiple choices to what Theresa most likely is. The choices were: (A) Democrat, (B) a black woman, (C) a Republican, and (D) a Democrat-leaning woman.

So, just to repeat that, one more time, this is a question on an AP entry exam, alright, that a student was given. "Theresa has heard in the news about the fatal shootings of unarmed African men..." African-American men. " police officers, but does not think it is necessarily due to racism. Theresa is most likely: a Democrat, a black woman, Republican, or a Democrat-leaning woman." If you answered (C) Republican, that answer prompted you to be correct, right? Gives you the big green arrow.

So, the parents figured this out and started complaining to the school district, and good on them. They contacted the lawmakers and the district officials. And the school district wrote something back interesting to me. Now, they tried to pin, and they pinned it on this nationwide program.

It says, "The Wentzville School District prides itself on successfully preparing students for advanced placement exams, which are college-level exams on a variety of subjects. At many colleges and universities, a score of three or higher on an AP exam will potentially earn the student college credit." And then it says, "In order to accomplish this, the district utilizes a variety of AP-aligned materials, including online quizzes and tests, preparation resources designed to ensure mastery of the content and concepts in AP curriculum and that it will potentially be encountered on the AP exams. These resources are among the most widely-used AP books and materials in the country."

So, in other words, advanced placement is a curriculum that's all over the country, not just in little Wentzville, Missouri. It's all over the country, so potentially, all manner of different schools and school districts are giving your kid or your grandchild, the same exact question.

Is Theresa most likely a Republican for not acknowledging the racism in a police shooting of an unarmed black man? That's essentially what the question asks you to answer. Now, it does go onto say that they contacted advanced placement. They said that the item encountered by the student is extreme, and the district is reaching out to the resource developers to directly adjust this concern.

So, just understand that if your or your grandkid are trying to advance, trying to get into a higher placement, trying to get into a better college, you're being brow-beaten, that all these different concepts are not being taught in school, right? Here's evidence that a school district had this question in its advanced placement exam.


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07 May 2022

Another crock of total BS that liberal dems are trying to force-feed our children because they know their agenda is a lie and must have indoctrinated, brain-washed individuals to move forward----think Soros, Obama, Biden and their mafia!!!


07 May 2022

All I can say is that this is total bullshit!

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