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The Political Effects of the "Roe'' Decision

Partial Transcript:

David Bozell: Alright, let's talk about the politics of all this, about the Roe decision, because abortion is going to shoot up in terms of a priority in every poll, right? That the press is going to tell you that, abortion is going to be a top-five priority going forward. That's, it probably will, because the press is going to talk about it all day long. So, it's human nature, but the politics of this is it's kind of twofold.

One, is it going to motivate the Left to have a better showing at the midterms? Probably. Are there some disenchanted Lefties who don't want to show up for a midterm election to support Joe Biden? Yeah. Would they be more motivated if abortion were on the ballot? Probably.

This is where McConnell fails too. McConnell bears responsibility for some of this stuff, because his words, he has no agenda. He wants to be the Majority Leader in the Senate, and where all of this stuff will flow through. By his own admission, he has no agenda. He wants Republicans to just run on the fact that they're not Democrats, so that he can come back to power. So, if this hurts his chances of being Majority Leader, I don't care one iota. Not one. Not one. It doesn't bother me in the slightest that this might hurt Mitch McConnell's chances of being Majority Leader, not one. I'd rather have this stain.

To me, the Roe v. Wade decision is the equivalent to our history of slavery. I mean, to me, this is, it's just not, those are the two greatest stains on American history, slavery and abortion. To have this properly returned to the states, where it belongs, is a huge step in the right direction, is a huge step.

It doesn't mean the work is over by any stretch. You're going to have states, really their colors red or blue are going to be defined by what kind of abortion policy do they have in their states. So, that'll be a fight for decades to come, but I'll take it. I'll still take it. My interest in public policy, in the future of the country is not rooted in whether or not Mitch McConnell has power. I know he's probably angry that, why would this case show up in an election year? But, so that's on the Republican side.

Though, I think the Republicans can flip it, right, if they had an agenda, if they had a base-motivating agenda. If the Senate actually wanted to do some things, I think they could easily flip it. Then you frame the discussion properly, which the Democrats are going to probably help you do.

Because the Democrat side, they're going to be stuck talking about abortion from here until November. They really are. They're not going to, their loudest voices are not going to allow the other candidates to talk about anything else. They're going to kick inflation to the curb. They're going to kick energy and gas prices to the curb. They're not going to be, they're not going to try to talk... They're going to kick foreign policy to the curb. They're going to ditch all that stuff. The loudest voices, the AOCs, the Bernie Sanders, the people that motivate their base are going to force the other candidates to talk about abortion nonstop. That sounds like an awful campaign to run. Not exactly inspiring to anybody that's not a radical Leftist.

So, I think it's probably a net. Sort of... it's probably neutral across the board in terms of political impact, but it does present opportunities for Republicans to run on pro-life records, run on promises delivered - thank you, President Trump for these justices, - and also run on what you want to do going forward as it relates to abortion.

Then it also gives Republicans an opportunity to run on other things: solutions to inflation, solutions to gas prices, solutions to election integrity issues, solutions to... pick whatever issue. It allows Republicans to run on those things without getting attacked by Democrats, because Democrats will be too busy crowing about how much they want abortion.


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