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After Biden gave an anti-Trump speech, he couldn't figure out where he was

Department of Defense/Public Domain

This president is worse than just having horrible policies.

He often doesn't even seem to know where he is.

Fox News reports:

President Biden garnered the attention of some social media users on Friday after he delivered a speech in Pennsylvania and appeared 'confused' landing in Delaware later that evening. Shortly after Biden's trip to Blue Bell, Pennsylvania — where he delivered a campaign speech marking three years since the January 6 Capitol riot — the 81-year-old president faced a flurry of criticism for his remarks and behavior both after the speech and upon his arrival in Delaware, where he is spending the weekend.

Biden predictably spent a lot of time attacking Donald Trump, but THEN... as the report continued:

After delivering the address, first lady Jill Biden quickly approached the podium and hugged the president before taking him by the hand and leading him off the stage. The couple appeared to whisper something to one another, but what said wasn't discernible based on the angles of the main camera.
After embracing his wife, Biden turned back to the mic and spoke over the loudspeakers that had already begun playing exit music.
"I understand power. Thank you all so very much," he said before slowly leaving the stage.

Fox noted:

Highlighting the instance in a post to social media, one user noted that Jill Biden helped the president 'off the stage following his remarks lest he get confused, and/or lost, or falls.'

After his speech, Biden got on a flight to Delaware and looked just as confused after landing.

Social media had a lot of fun with this.

This guy shouldn't be president now - and he is running for another term?!?

Many polls show that a majority of Americans have serious concerns about Biden's mental health.

Democrats are crazy to try to run Biden again. This guy is a mess in more ways than one.

And Joe Biden is crazy to even think about seeking a second term, something he might figure out if he could only remember where he was.

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