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Amazon Prime T-Shirt Problem


David Bozell: So, we noticed there is a t-shirt on Amazon Prime that's getting some pretty terrible reviews. And it's from a brand, a t-shirt company, or a clothing company called the Gender Company.

So, you can imagine where this is going. They're getting two stars out of five. It's not good, not good at all. And it's a t-shirt.

Now, you can get this t-shirt in multiple different colors, five different colors, asphalt, white, some sort of powder baby blue motif, yellow, and pink. Of course, there is always pink. You can get this in multiple different sizes.

This t-shirt has got a big gigantic rainbow right in the front of it. And it declares, "There are more than two genders," in big, block, black lettering.


Unfortunately, it only sells to "Men" and "Women," those are what they call the "Fit Type" - "Men" and "Women." Only two.

No L's, or G's, or B's, or T's, or I's, or A's, or question marks, or exclamation points, or semicolons or whatever else is in that alphabet soup for those in that community. Just the irony is not lost on us, right?

You can get this - There Are More Than 2 Genders T-shirts - in only two genders, male or female, men or... Actually, some people will suggest like, well, if you say male, and if you say female, the fact checkers will kind of let that one go, because those are, I guess, clinical. But if you say men or you say woman or women or man or woman or men or women, well, of course you've got to incorporate all the fluidity, the gender fluidity, their term, not mine.

Unless, you're Amazon Prime, which limits your purchase for a man or a woman, the purchase of There Are More Than Two Genders T-shirts.

The irony is not lost on us.

Anyway, we threw that out there last night, nearly 50,000 likes on the Facebook page, 17,000 shares. Thought you'd get a kick out of that one.

Take it easy.


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