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Crayons, Drag Queens, and the U.S. Military

Partial Transcript:

David Bozell: Good morning, folks! David Bozell, ForAmerica, your conductor. Welcome to Pride Month. It's June when all of social media is taken over by corporate America and your armed services bragging about how inclusive they are with regards to gender issues, et cetera. Let's get into it.

I mean, this is why I got a hankering for some Village People, maybe. Y-e-a-h. I mean, we've got the Marines posting pictures of their combat helmets, not holding bullets mind you! No, we're holding rainbow crayons. Y-e-a-h. Y-e-a-h. Rainbow crayons. Yeah. Yeah.

Then the Air Force, let's not leave them out. They wanted to put together a Drag Queen Story Time Hour for the children of servicemen and women in the Air Force. Yeah! Yeah! We are the Village People. Alright! [Big sigh] One of these days we'll get back to why our armed services were created.

Now, look, I could feel the frustration. Alright...get out of here Village People. I could feel the frustration. I mean, yeah. The Marines went viral for all the wrong reasons. They put together this picture of the military helmet holding rainbow crayons.

And the Air Force has got this Drag Queen Story Hour, reading time thing going on, but they ended up having to cancel that because Marco Rubio got wind of it and put a stop to it. This was at Ramstein Air Force Base and they pulled it.

Where is that National Review... They have a story - After Letter from Rubio, U.S. Air Force Base Cancels 'Drag Queen Story Time.'

Last week, Senator Marco Rubio (R., Fla.) sent a letter to the Ramstein Air Force Base in Germany objecting to the Air Force Library's plan to host a 'Drag Queen Story Time' event for young children of service members this Thursday.

Good on Rubio. First good thing he's done in a while.

'I urge you to immediately cancel this politically divisive event, and take appropriate disciplinary action against all involved in allowing this gross abuse of taxpayer funding to place children in a sexualized environment.' [Rubio is quoted.]

Okay. That gets me to the larger point. Okay, he took the magic words right out of my mouth - the "gross abuse of taxpayer funding."

Now, this stuff. We can complain about military leadership. We can complain about the administration. We can complain about Left wingers in Washington, perhaps even sort of making the military do these sorts of things. We can complain about Left wing operations threatening to claim that the military is not inclusive and not supportive of LGBT rights and events, et cetera, et cetera. We can complain about all those things and those would be legitimate complaints.

Now, do you fix it? In 2012, going that far back. So, now we're about 10 years ago.

About 10 years ago, the National Guard, the U.S. Army, the Navy, and the Air Force...well, actually going farther back...the latest when all four were involved in the sport of NASCAR was 2008. Dale Jr. subsequently was the lead sponsored car for National Guard. Mark Martin had the U.S. Army on his car in NASCAR. Bill Elliott, Chase Elliott's father, was sponsored by the Air Force. And even Dale Jr's Xfinity team, which is kind of like a minor league series of NASCAR, back then it was known as Nationwide for Nationwide Insurance, they were sponsored by the Navy....

Democrats in the House back in 2012, actually 2011 and 2012, had three different votes to end military sponsorships of sports teams.


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