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AOC's 'Civilian Climate Corp' bill is a hard left nightmare

The Civilian Climate Corp for Jobs and Justice Act introduced by Democrats Sen. Ed Markey and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez could be one of the most dangerous pieces of legislation in recent memory.

A new report by the American Accountability Foundation reveals that it would turn the federal government into a tool to enact a far left agenda, far beyond concerns about jobs or even the climate.

When approaching legislation, Leftists use the concept of intersectionality, in which the issues they prioritize overlap with each other. So a bill merely claiming to promote "jobs" or protect the "climate" or seeking "justice" is rarely about just the items mentioned - it is about promoting an overall hard left agenda. As one of the organizers of the group behind the CCC noted, “Racial justice, economic justice, immigration justice—it’s all climate justice. And in our decade of the Green New Deal, justice will be front and center.”

Keep in mind that most of what the CCC backers are proposing is unconstitutional, not that this has ever stopped them before.

The American Accountability Foundation warns in its memo regarding CCC:

"Using that context, it’s important to understand some of the goals of the groups that will animate the deployment of the Civilian Climate Corps if the legislation is enacted:
Immediately ban all new fossil fuel and extractive energy projects.
Close down large scale “factory farming.”
Decarbonize the economy, leading to the prohibition of internal combustion engines.
Banning genetically modified foods and bottled water.
Unionization of the private sector.
Ending immigration detention, essentially creating open borders.
Defunding the police.
Closing prisons and releasing violent criminals."

The CCC is AOC's plan to create a new federal agency, the sole purpose of which would be to pursue her vision of a left dystopia. It's a program to normalize leftist radicalism within government and society at large.

In fact, the Biden administration is eager to do its version of the New Deal. California's public radio KQED reported in April, "The Biden White House and members of Congress want to tweak that concept to help rebuild the nation’s workforce in a stumbling economy while also reducing greenhouse gas emissions and facilitating the transition to clean energy."

But what does rebuilding the "nation's workforce" mean for the CCC?

"But, no matter the final shape, there’s growing support for dusting off the New Deal strategy to solve contemporary challenges, such as how to train the number of workers needed for clean-energy jobs, update the nation’s water infrastructure, reduce wildland fire hazards and foster racial justice."

Racial justice? What does that have to do with climate and jobs? We know what the Black Lives Matter agenda is about.

KQED added, regarding CCC, "President Biden has been talking about the idea since before he took office."

Are you starting to get the picture?

As the Democrat party continues to veer even more leftward, some of its loudest voices openly call themselves socialists. Along with Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, Ocasio-Cortez might be the most high profile voice constantly denouncing free markets and championing government-imposed socialism.

The freedoms that have made America strong is what AOC wants to destroy. AOC would not object to replacing economic liberty with economic collectivism, which has failed everywhere it has been tried. The CCC comes off as something straight out of the Kremlin in the 1960s. It is a roadmap to implementing every leftist fantasy imaginable, and the scary part is, it is part of the reconciliation package that is moving through Congress now--with Biden's blessing.

The Democrats and their agenda must be stopped if we want to preserve America as she has existed through most of history.

AOC and her party reject that America, as the CCC makes clear.


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