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Biden Admits Border Hasn't Been Secure for '10 Years': 'Give Me the Money'

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When a reporter asked Joe Biden if the U.S.-Mexico border was secure recently, how the president replied is really unbelievable.

Reporter: Is the border secure?

Biden: "No it's not."

“I haven’t believed that for the last 10 years, and I’ve said it for the last 10 years," the president claimed

He's said that for ten years? When, exactly?.

"Give me the money,” Biden added.


ForAmerica shared a clip of the exchange that was shared by Congressman Andy Biggs who made a very valid point:

Exactly. It's the federal government's job to protect our borders - something Biden has shown zero interest in. A problem he has IGNORED.

And that he just admitted is a problem.

This isn't about money. It's about the president not doing his job.

Something Congressman Andy Ogles also picked up on immediately:


This is nuts.

The Hill reports:

Biden’s evaluation of the state of surging migration at the border comes as he seeks the passage of a supplemental spending package that is currently stuck in Congress. The legislation would include border measures that would satisfy the demands of Republicans in Congress, who have stalled the funding that includes money for Ukraine, a priority of the president, to defend itself in its war against Russia. 
The president hopes that the Senate forges a border deal next, but the legislation would have a tougher time passing in the lower chamber where Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.), dealing with increased pressure from House Republican hardliners, is inclined to reject the bipartisan package. 
'I believe we need significant policy changes, including changes in our asylum system, to ensure we have the authorities we need to control the border,' Biden said in his speech on Friday. 'I’m ready to act.'

Does "Give me the money" also mean Ukraine, which is currently tied to the border spending?

Biden has the money. He just needs to decide what country to use it on.

To protect the border of his own country, or to give more aid to Ukraine. They don't need to be linked together. That doesn't even make sense.

Both Biggs and Ogles are right: Our border problem isn't due to lack of funds.

It's due to a deep lack of leadership.

"Give me the money."

Give US a break.


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