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Biden Bracket Madness: Round 1

Bidenomics is a financial disaster, Biden is incoherent, America's enemies are growing, and Brandon is down on the job.

Each of the four regions will play in a tournament-style playoff, until we're down to our top seed in each bracket. After that, we'll have our final four play each other until only one remains! We'll keep updating the polls as the results come in, so be sure to follow along on our social media platforms and here at!

Which seed can win it all? Fill out your bracket and VOTE BELOW 👇 #BidenMadness

First up, we have the Bidenomics Region 📊:

Welcome to the economic rollercoaster where your finances do more flips than an Olympic gymnast. Will inflation or the housing market stick the landing?

1. Rising gas prices vs. 8. Destabilization of the U.S. dollar

  • 1. Gas Prices

  • 8. Dollar Destabilization

4. Soaring inflation vs. 5. Bank closures

  • Inflation

  • Bank closures

3. Rising interest rates vs. 6. Supply chain disruptions

  • 3. Interest Rates ⬆️

  • 6. Supply chain 🚨

2. Volatile housing market vs. 7. Debt crisis

  • 2. Housing market

  • 7. Debt crisis

Next up is the Joe Said What? Region 🗣:

It’s a linguistic limbo contest—how low can we go? From Dunkin’ Donuts diplomacy to poolside leg tales, which quote will bend backward the most without hitting the ground?

1. "We choose truth over facts." vs. 8. "One nation under God, you know, the thing."

  • 1. Truth over facts

  • 8. You know the thing

4. "Poor kids are just as bright and just as talented as white kids." vs. 5. “Trippalunzaaaaphoaman.”

  • 4. Poor kids

  • 5. Biden gibberish

3. "I got hairy legs that turn blonde in the sun,.." vs. 6. " ain't black."

  • 3. Kids rubbing my leg

  • 6. You ain't black

2. "You cannot go to a 7-11 or a Dunkin' Donuts unless you have a slight Indian accent." vs. 7. "I'm Joe Biden's husband, Joe Biden."

  • 2. Indian accent

  • 5. Joe's husband Joe

Let's Go Brandon Region 👟:

Falling, creeping, and yelling - which Joe Biden moment can come out on top?

1. Airplane Stairs vs. 8. Don't Jump!

  • 1. Watch your step ✈️

  • 8. Don't Jump!

4. Trip on stage vs. 5. Getting lost

  • 4. Trip

  • 5. Lost

3. Yelling at People vs. 6. Creepy Joe

  • 3. Old yeller

  • 6. Creepy Joe

2. Sniffing kids vs. 7. Crashing Bike

  • 2. Sniffing Joe

  • 7. Crashing Bike

Security & Defense Region 🛡:

Feeling safe? Not for long! The top ways Biden has wrecked national security are ready to go at it!

1. Historic border crisis vs. 8. Failing planes and trains

  • 1. Border Crisis

  • 8. Planes losing wheels

4. Failing education system vs. 5. Growing global conflicts

  • 4. Failing schools

  • 5. War in the world

3. Government weaponization vs. 6. Unsafe cities

  • 3. Big brother

  • 6. Unsafe cities

2. Weak justice system vs. 8. Rising cyber crime

  • 2. Weak justice system

  • 8. Rising cyber crime


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