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Biden can't bribe himself out of this one


James Comer and Chuck Grassley claim the FBI has proof of Joe Biden committing bribery while VP. They've been investigating this forever, but this time, it feels different – Comer and Grassley's joint letter adds weight to the allegations. Grassley is sorta like the dean of Republicans in the Senate... they say the DOJ and FBI have an unclassified FD-1023 form that describes a criminal scheme involving Biden and a foreign national.

It might have even been declassified by Trump - just some fun speculation.

People are calling for investigation and impeachment, but there's another option: the House of Representatives could withhold funding from the DOJ and FBI until the issue is resolved. Members of Congress can't keep funding agencies that might be protecting a corrupt president.

Any conservative in Congress worth their salt can and should refuse to fund these agencies unless the issue is addressed. This is where the unstoppable force meets the immovable object - you can't fund a corrupt government, especially when you know its corrupt.

Does this allegation classify as "high crimes and misdemeanor?" Absolutely. But the Senate wouldn't vote to convict.

Until we can get to the bottom of this, until we can root out the rampant corruption, we cannot afford to give Biden a single cent more in taxpayer dollars. Republicans need to stand up and be the stewards of our resources that they promised to be.



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