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Smells Like Small Government


Have you smelled that? It's the aroma of freedom and smaller government. People often ask why I'm so focused on spending when it comes to Congress. It's because spending is what really matters. If we're not going to shrink Joe Biden's obese government, we'll never shrink anyone's government. And if we're never going to shrink government, the Republican party and conservatism lose their purpose.

The role of the federal government is to be limited, and it's a beautiful system when adhered to. House Republicans passed a bill that seeks to cut government spending. It's better than previous attempts like the "Cut, Cap, and Balance" bill during the Boehner years. The new bill aims to save around $4.5 trillion over 10 years by gutting the IRS expansion, stopping Biden's student loan giveaway, and eliminating his climate initiatives.

Four Republicans voted against the bill, sending a message to the powers that be that this bill is the bare minimum they're willing to accept. The House Freedom Caucus played a significant role in negotiating the stronger provisions of the package. It's essential to recognize and applaud those who fought for these changes. Here are but a few that played a pivotal role:

  • Scott Perry, Congressman, Pennsylvania

  • Ben Cline, Congressman, Virginia

  • Chip Roy, Congressman, Texas

  • Lauren Boebert, Congresswoman, Colorado

  • Eli Crane, Congressman, Arizona

  • Andy Harris, Congressman, Maryland

  • Dan Bishop, Congressman, North Carolina

  • Bob Good, Congressman, Virginia

  • Ralph Norman, Congressman, Oklahoma

Will Biden sign the bill? Not initially, but Biden will have to choose between signing the package, shutting the government down, or making gradual concessions.

The aforementioned members of Congress have the will to take this all the way. Doubt them at your own peril. There is no way on God's green earth that they will vote to use our taxpayer dollars to fund the IRS to harass us. But they'll need our encouragement, so please drop them a line.

Your move, Joe.



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