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Biden's Electric Vehicle Obsession is Costing Us BIG TIME

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

TOPIC: The Impact of Biden's Energy Policies and the Push for Electric Vehicles



"Climate is a religion for Joe Biden and the Democrats, and the real kick in the shins is that the Republicans are funding it."


  • Biden's early presidency actions included canceling the Keystone Pipeline and leases for gas and oil drilling on federal lands, leading the U.S. from energy independence to dependency.

  • The administration's response to rising oil prices included releasing the Strategic Petroleum Reserves and pushing for electric vehicles (EVs) over traditional combustion engines.

  • There are many issues with EVs practicality, including issues with electric school buses in cold weather and the lack of infrastructure for long-distance travel.

  • The government's role in pushing EVs, including the funding of charging stations and the impact on the trucking industry, is a waste of money as it has been more expensive and less effective than before.

  • In regards to the high cost of EVs compared to traditional vehicles, the Texas Public Policy Foundation found in their study that EVs running costs are equivalent to $17 per gallon.

  • There is a contradiction in environmental policies, such as promoting EVs while opposing mining for necessary rare earth minerals to manufacture them in places like Maine.

  • There have been political consequences for Democrats pushing EV policies, namely Joe Manchin's ousting as a Senator from mining-heavy West Virginia.

  • Concerns about the economic and practical viability of a fully electrified vehicle system in the U.S., especially for interstate travel and emergency situations, cannot be understated.




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