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Can Texas stop abortion by mail?

Updated: Mar 30

TOPIC: Texas sues to stop the FDA's Mifepristone abortion pill by mail



"The Left will not stop until there is abortion on demand funded by the United States taxpayer up to and perhaps even including the moment of birth."


  • The Supreme Court's role is to interpret the Constitution, not to legislate from the bench, focusing on whether parties have standing and if actions align with constitutional allowances or prohibitions.

  • The Left has shifted the abortion debate from "safe, legal, and rare" to easily accessible abortion methods without ID verification, prescription, or preventing children's access.

  • The case brings into question the FDA's decision to allow mail distribution of abortion pills, challenging Texas' abortion laws and the federal agency's authority.

  • The Supreme Court has the ability to set the law on the abortion pill case, but legislative actions and funding decisions by Congress could advance the pro-life agenda if Republicans could get their acts together.

  • The political landscape is deeply divided on abortion, with recent electoral outcomes suggesting that abortion rights remain a potent issue for Democrats.

  • The pro-life movement faces challenges in messaging and strategy, with a need for clearer policy proposals to support pregnant women and counter the push for expanded abortion access.

  • The Supreme Court may indicate that the resolution of contentious issues like abortion funding lies with Congress' power of the purse, not judicial intervention.



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