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Biden's Approval Rating is Still Plummeting

"Biden's Approval Rating is Still Plummeting" Transcript:

David Bozell: Terrible poll for Biden - this is from CBS, so I wonder how much CBS is going to report on this. If this were a Trump poll, they would run this 24-7.

But he [Biden] has dropped 20 points. Now, they have a CBS/YouGov approval rating poll. They do it every month. And they've always been really favorable to him, higher than most. And March of 2021, they had him at 62% approval. And fast forward to April of 2022, so a full 12 months, and that's dropped 20 points, to 42% approval.

Yeah, he is underwater on every single top issue, by double digits. He's underwater by double digits on every important issue in the country. And he's gone down 20 points in the overall.

On the economy, he's underwater 37-63.

On inflation, 31-69.

On the situation with Russia and Ukraine, he's underwater by 10, 45-55.

Immigration, 38-62.

It's so funny...I mean, the press carries his water every single day. They don't want to say that he has any responsibility for immigration - there's nothing that could be done - that's the way the press frames it. And that people are trying to escape poverty, everything else...yada, yada, yada. You've heard all the same press spin.

And yet, despite the fact that the press carries his water every single day, particularly on an issue like immigration - he's underwater 38-62! This just goes to show you the power of the conservative media ecosystem.

Issues of climate change, he's underwater. I shouldn't even say that's a top issue. I mean, it's not. But there it is, staring me right in the face, 43-57. I'd actually be...well, let's see, how would I answer that? Do I approve or disapprove of Joe Biden on climate change? Think I'd pass. Think I'd pass on that question. I just, I disagree with the question.

And on crime, 39-61, he's underwater.

So, he's underwater on just about every major issue in the country by double digits.

The economy is just in the toilet, and there's no amount of spin to help him.

On any given day, he basically can't complete a coherent sentence.

So, he and his Democrat colleagues are heading into a shellacking this November.


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