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Biden Said His Uncle was Eaten by New Guinea ‘Cannibals’ and New Guinea's PM is Not Happy

Gage Skidmore/Creative Commons - U.S. State Department/Wikimedia Commons

After President Joe Biden said last week that he believes his World War II soldier uncle could have been eaten by cannibals in New Guinea, Papua New Guinea Prime Minister James Marape criticized him.  

When describing on Wednesday about how his uncle's plane was shot down in New Guinea, Biden added, “they never found the body because there used to be — there were a lot of cannibals, for real, in that part of New Guinea.”

Marape shot back at Biden, saying his country couldn’t be associated with cannibalism.

He wanted Biden to clear up any misperceptions.

“President Biden’s remarks may have been a slip of the tongue; however, my country does not deserve to be labelled as such,” Marape said in a statement, Reuters reported. “I urge President Biden to get the White House to look into cleaning up these remains of WWII so the truth about missing servicemen like Ambrose Finnegan can be put to rest.”

When White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was asked about the president's cannibal remarks, she stated that Biden was “incredibly proud of his uncle’s service in uniform.”

She then turned to attacking Donald Trump.

She wasn't going to talk about. It's an outrageous thing to say if not true.

No one can blame New Guinea's prime minister or its people for being mad at the latest stupid thing Joe Biden has said.


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