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ForAmerica Supports Bill Revoking Teachers Union's Federal Charter

Updated: Apr 18, 2022

"ForAmerica Supports Bill Revoking Teachers Union's Federal Charter" Transcript:

David Bozell: Important story, it's gone under the radar, but I wanted to share with you all. ForAmerica has thrown its support behind what's being called the National Education Association Charter Repeal Act.

The National Education Association [NEA] was given a federal charter through an act of Congress in 1906. The original mission of the NEA was, and I'll just read it here:

To elevate the character and advance the interest of the profession of teaching and to promote the cause of education in the United States.

But look, there's just no doubt that the NEA has completely moved away from its mission and is throwing itself into political fights. You can just see the conflict in our school boards and in our school districts all throughout the country. As exhibit A of this, and the NEA is just actively fighting against parents and actively fighting against Republican Members of Congress and taking political sides while being funded by Congress.

This is exactly the kind of thing that Congress needs to do at a more macro level. Stop funding these entities, these government entities that are actively working against you. This is at a smaller level, and we'll see if it works now.

Obviously, you're not going to get stuff passed in a Democrat-controlled Congress, but this is the type of thing that Republicans can do now to start planting flags to show the American people what it is that they're going to do, if and when, they take back the majority. And doing these types of things now and setting the table is critically, critically important. It shows a commitment to the vote. I mean, at the end of the day, Congress' main role is to be a steward of your taxpayer dollars. Funding the National Education Association and giving it and re-upping its charter flies in the face of all that, because they're actively working against you, the parent.

The summary - this bill repeals the federal charter given to the NEA. Congress has granted charters to organizations with a patriotic, charitable, historical, or educational purpose, which provides these organizations with prestige and indirect financial benefits. As the only union with a congressional charter, NEA should not enjoy these benefits when it has a long history of partisan activities. The bill goes on in detail of all those partisan activities that have been working against you, the parent.

We [ForAmerica] are thrilled to throw our support behind it and join Heritage Action and Freedom Works and Independent Women's Forum, Young America's Foundation, America First Policy Institute, and American Principles Project, and Club for Growth is another one that's trying to help out and push members of Congress along. I think it's got leadership support. Scott Walker is helping behind the scenes.

It's being sponsored by Congressman Scott Fitzgerald, who's also from Wisconsin. Jim Banks from Indiana, he's pushing it along through his Republican Study Committee [RSC].

Left: Representative Scott Fitzgerald (R-WI-5); Right: RSC Chairman Jim Banks (R-IN-3)

Banks had the money quote in the release. Banks told Fox News Digital that he was "happy to partner with" his RSC colleague on the legislation that "there is now no daylight between the NEA's agenda and the radical Left's agenda."

That's true!

"Worst of all, the NEA strongly supports teaching 5-year-old children about adult sexual behavior. Their mission used to be education, now it's indoctrination and pitting American children against their parents' values."

So good on the RSC, Republican Study Committee, good on these Members of Congress. And we're happy to throw our support behind it.

Hopefully, when Republicans take control in Congress, we'll get this done. And it'll be an important first step in giving power over your child's education back to the parents.


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