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Black voters drift away from Biden: Trump 'speaks to the needs of my community'

Elvert Barnes/Flickr/Creative Commons

Black Americans have long been a key Democratic constituency.

But in the 2024 election, an increasing number of these voters seem to have soured on Joe Biden and his party.

Austin, Texas's CBS News affiliate reports:

A number of polls show black voters losing faith in President Joe Biden as a survey showed Biden losing nearly 30% of the pivotal voting block that helped him win in 2020. One voter who was part of the Black Lives Matter movement says he won't vote for Biden and he is now getting backlash for speaking out publicly. BLM Inc. Executive Director Mark Fisher joined The National Desk’s Jan Jeffcoat to discuss the issue.
“I believe that Donald Trump, he just speaks the loudest and the cleverest to the needs of my community,” he said. “He offers us and my myself a different perspective. So we want to entertain that different perspective.”
The polls show black voters shifting away from the Democratic Party as many feel like the issues in their community aren’t being addressed.

This could be a significant blow to Biden's chances if this shift continues through November 2024.

Even The New York Times reported early last month:

Black voters are more disconnected from the Democratic Party than they have been in decades, frustrated with what many see as inaction on their political priorities and unhappy with President Biden, a candidate they helped lift to the White House just three years ago…

The Times added:

The new polling offers an early warning sign about the erosion of Mr. Biden’s coalition, Democratic strategists said, cautioning that the president will probably lose his re-election bid if he cannot increase his support from this pivotal voting bloc.

Time will tell whether this trend continues, but that it is hurting Joe Biden's campaign right now is undeniable.


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