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Cannonball: Trump vs. DeSantis - Who's Your Man?

You're probably sick of hearing it already -- and it's still over 18 months before the 2024 election -- but who is the leader in the GOP clubhouse? Former President Trump seems to command a sizable lead in this hypothetical matchup with his vast group of loyal supporters. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who has not yet announced a bid for the presidency, seems to have collected the bulk of everyone else -- moderates, "never-Trumpers," and conservatives looking for a fresh start.

Who's your man?

We asked you, our followers, to answer this question with a Facebook poll - twice.

In round 1, DeSantis came out on top. Now, his 56 percent to 43 percent (~2,100 vs. ~1,600) lead has some question marks... as we discussed on Voices ForAmerica, the "Like" button holds a slight advantage over the other reaction buttons... so we ran it again.

This time, President Trump commanded a HUGE 74 percent to 26 percent lead (~1,400 vs. ~500) over the Florida Governor. We know this isn't exactly scientific, but ForAmerica's fans are the voice of the conservative movement. So, let us know who you'll be voting for - Trump or DeSantis.


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Mar 16, 2023

Trump 2024, DeSantis 2028 and 3032


Mar 16, 2023

I love Trump, but he had his shot and blew it: both houses of Congress and he still screwed the pooch. Then shut down the country based on b.s. Nope. I’ll take the new guy and either Nikki or Tulsi as v.p.

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