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CBS Pittsburgh Interview with Kathy Barnette

Partial Transcript:

David Bozell: Okay, Kathy Barnette, man, I am trying desperately to find some things that I don't like, and I can't find them. Candidate for Pennsylvania Senate.

So, I figure what we do here, is we're going to try to find a clip a day for Kathy. Just to educate ourselves together. This will be a mixed bag, as we go forward here of her own clips. It's actually interesting to see how the local press in Pennsylvania is covering her.

So, this is out of CBS Pittsburgh, Jon Delano reporting. So we're all, we're all basically learning about Kathy Barnette for the first time here. So, this is Kathy in her own words. This was aired, I believe January 31st of this year, 2022. So, let's get to know Kathy Barnette.

Reporter: Kathy Barnette, a Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate, won a non-binding poll of Republican leaders in the Northwest part of the state this weekend. And as political editor, Jon Delano, reports Barnette hopes to make history by becoming the Senate's first Republican African-American woman.

So, that's a step in the right direction, Northwest Pennsylvania likes her. Alright, go, take it away, Jon.

J-o-n Del-ano. That was a curious ending. It reminded me of Howard Stern back in the day, W-N-B-C. J-o-n Del-ano.

Well, good for her. Good clip. Good interview. Good presentation. Fair report by CBS Pittsburgh.

And so, then I noticed yesterday that she got endorsed by National Gun Owners of America. Good guys, good people.

And so, then I got curious, now some of this stuff could be outdated, but I went on, it's called Ballotpedia. It purports to have the latest information about endorsements. And so, just kind of curious as to who is endorsing who in this race. Obviously, the polling is she is vaulted up the polling in the last couple of weeks. There was a poll a few weeks ago that she was at 12, and now, most of them have her at around 18. So, she's coming on strong at the right time.


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