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Don't Go to Houston in August


David Bozell: Folks, a little traveling advice for you, courtesy of ForAmerica, where I know all of you come for your travel needs and recommendations, but I'm going to tell you about a place where you should not be. And that would be on August 12th through the 14th. And that would be in Houston, Texas.

If you were considering going to Houston, Texas, or you live near Houston, Texas, I would strongly advise you, on August 12th through the 14th, to be somewhere else, because the women with rage tour is coming, and that ain't a place where I'd want to be. So, this is the Women's March.

It's a whole group sponsoring the Women's Convention. And they actually put out a statement last night. They said:

Our Summer of Rage is officially beginning. We're prepared to rage for Roe all summer, culminating in a Women's Convention in Houston, Texas. We won't rest until abortion rights are protected. Learn more about our Women's Convention here.

And then they get the link and you can register to rage. Not Rage Against the Machine. No, no. That's a band. Not a rave, not a techno rave. We're not doing that. No, no. No, that's not what the ladies are doing. They are raging against everything, I guess. They're ticked off about the Roe decision, which I thought it was going to come today, but I guess not. Boo. Now, this is the same operation that had a rally after Trump won. And then Madonna famously said this:

Yes, I have thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House.

That's raging. That is first class, top shelf, top tier raging, Madonna. Very well done. Very well done.

But seriously, Houston, August 12th, be somewhere else because your city's going to get overrun with rage, and we're happy folks here. So, go somewhere where the rage level is dialed down, please.

Alright, take it easy out there. Don't rage. Take it easy.


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