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Elon's Invitation

"Elon's Invitation" Partial Transcript:

David Bozell: Elon Musk loves this thing [Twitter], he always has. He's always raved about it. He's tweeted about how much he loves it. In fact, Jack Dorsey invited him to speak to the entire Twitter employee base, I think like 2019, and Musk got a rousing standing ovation when he spoke to them, just as a guest. So, he's always been a huge fan of the platform.

And, here he sees an opportunity where Twitter's stocks are going down or flatlined. He's got the money or most of the money, the majority of the money, he secures the rest of the investment necessary. And like most rich dudes, if you like something and you want to own it and you can do it, you go do it, you go buy it.

Now, the thing that caught my attention was his statement. His statement was full of a lot of techy stuff when he first bought it the other day. He's going to get rid of bots. He's going to make it open source. All that stuff, that's techy stuff, and good luck to him, and I have no idea as to the importance of any of those things. But the first part of that statement is what I'm kind of digging. He said:

Twitter is the digital town square.

Okay. So you've heard that phrase slung around a lot, probably too loosely. Alright, but he says:

Twitter is the digital town square where matters vital to the future of humanity are debated.

That was his opening line in his statement when he acquired Twitter, "...where matters vital to the future of humanity are debated." I mean, think about that. Repeat that one in your head. That is a heavy statement. And what a hell of a brand that is, what a hell of a brand left for Twitter, "...where matters vital to the future of humanity are debated." Just in those few words, he elevates Twitter's stature as a serious place to be where serious people are debating serious things.

I mean, I know the Senate likes to consider itself the world's greatest deliberative body, even though they only show up to work from Tuesday afternoon to Thursday afternoon, and they barely even see the Senate floor, even then. "...where matters vital to the future of humanity are debated." He simultaneously elevates Twitter stature while at the same time, basically taking a swipe at the rest of them. Go ahead Facebook, go ahead Instagram, go ahead TikTok - do your videos, have your fun. Do your dances, do your music, be an influencer.

I was down on vacation at the beach and I saw not one, not two, but three girls doing photo shoots for their Instagram pages or TikTok pages, I guess. But he is basically telling all these other unserious platforms to go pound sand, all of them are child's play. And if you want to participate in the issues that are vital to the future of humanity, Twitter is going to be the place to do it. And where your voice could be heard. And where your point of view can be amplified. And where you can interact with the power players that are invariably making these decisions about the future of humanity, heavy stuff.

What a cool opportunity, because for years you thought, and especially when Trump was booted off, "Okay, I guess I can't get my voice out, no one's going to listen to me, least of which like Republican leadership," if you're a conservative.

And then maybe you logged onto Twitter, and you've seen the Karens of the world making the most noise, being the loudest and shooting down anything that had any semblance of right-wing thought, of any semblance of promoting virtue, promoting freedom, promoting prosperity. All that stuff gets shut down by a loud minority. They're just sitting there all day long being paid, in a lot of cases by left-wing operations to do exactly that, to harass. The gender stuff is a perfect example of that. You can't say a male is a male, you can't say a female is a female without the threat of being booted out of there.

So, I read that statement and I'm like, "Damn, that's where I want to be. I want to be a contributing force to the issues that are vital to the future of humanity."


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29. apr. 2022

Proud of you for holding out Elon , now it is time to transform the culture within. Stay and grow with the company but new rules, new algorithms, new ownership and management.


28. apr. 2022

Elon, you're my hero. Now buy facebook, and send that sniveling little creep to a safe room.


28. apr. 2022

I am so thrilled and happy he bought Twitter. It makes me so happy to see how upset the liberal, left, corrupt is so upset. Makes my day.😂

28. apr. 2022


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