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Your Next Vacation Destinaton

"Your Next Vacation Destination" Transcript:

David Bozell: Alright folks, Dave Bozell ForAmerica fun size, listen real quick.

I just wanted to give a shoutout to St. Augustine, Florida. I took my family there on an impromptu, not really scheduled vacation, because we got this notification from one of the airlines that we had some flight credits from COVID, I guess. And they said, oh, you got to use it or lose it. So we were scrambling and flew down, decided to fly down in Jacksonville, 40-minute trip to St. Augustine.

Now, if you've never been there, it's on the East Coast, Northeast coast of Florida. It's got a lot of taglines, "oldest city in America." It's got a terrific history, changed hands, all sorts of different times, Spanish to British, to Spanish, to pirates, to Spanish, and back and forth and back and forth. And then finally the United States took it over, but it's got all the history from the 16th century and up crammed into this little old town.

And I've been down there a couple times, I've got some family in and around the area but I've never really had my bearings as it relates to the ocean. We got this great little condo right on the ocean with the kiddos, 400 yards of hard-packed powdered sand. We had some rough rip currents while we were there, but that's not a normal thing. So, you had to be a little careful in the water, but it's a special place.

First Mass ever held on United States soil was in St. Augustine. You got the Fountain of Youth, which kind of reminds me of the Wright brothers memorial in the Outer Banks, which is just a sand dune. You blink and you miss it for whatever odd reason, but that's there, Ponce de Leon, all that stuff is there. But it's a special place. And even in the downtown old town area, there's this bar that's got this massive, massive Let's Go Brandon sign. So that's cool, you feel at home, you feel you're in and around good people.

There's an entrepreneurial spirit down there. The restaurants are working hard for you, the food, genuinely terrific. They've got this alligator farm that reminds you of the scene from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom with all the alligators there. And they're feeding rats to them and stuff like that. It's cool for kids for an afternoon on a rainy afternoon. Don't go on a hot day because it stinks, but go on a cooler afternoon, if you can. But it's just a very cool place.

I've been there before, but never really had my bearings. And I would definitely go back there again, all the freedom and commitments and entrepreneurship and beach beauty, good food, good tourism, good history, and put your toes in the sand and guzzle as many down as you can on an afternoon. It's all there for the taking, all there for the taking. And it's a quick flight, depending on where you are, but flight to Jacksonville, 40-minute drive to the beach, can't beat it. Can't beat the convenience of it.

So props to St. Augustine, props to Florida, props to DeSantis, but big time props to St. Augustine for putting on a good show and hosting the family.


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