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For the Left, "Climate" is Religion

DAVID: Can we get the Green Bay Packers to pay for all of our gas, save some money for the rest of us? $200 million contract for Aaron Rogers to play quarterback, to throw some footballs on the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field. Man, just sprinkle a little bit of that for us so we can save some money on some gas.

Ladies and gentlemen, David Bozell your conductor for today. Americans want a secure border, lower gas prices, affordable groceries. Joe Biden decides today to announce according to The Hill that he will request $2.6 billion of your tax money, drumroll $2.6 billion of your tax dollars to promote gender equity worldwide. Not just here, not just in your backyard with your tax dollars. We're going global with gender equity worldwide.

Of course, he announces this on something called the International Women's Day. This is all part of his fiscal 2023 budget request to Congress. It will double the amount requested for gender programs from last year.

As you are filling up your tank of gas, trying desperately to get around town, just understand that some of your nickels, some of your pennies, some of your dimes are going to promote gender equity. Not just in the United States, but worldwide. Don't you feel good? Don't you feel like you're doing your part. By handing your money over to Joe Biden's administration so he cannot help provide, give you the opportunity for some low gas prices, some cheap groceries, maybe a decent school to send your kids to.

High gas prices are displayed at a Mobil station across the street from Beverly Center on March 7, 2022 in Los Angeles, California. Mario Tama, Getty Images

Nope, Nope, Nope, Nope, Nope, Nope, Nope, Nope. Nope. We're not going to do any of those things. We are going to promote with $2.6 billion dollars gender equality. Now the gas price stuff specifically, here are the dynamics, the way I see them. You got to understand with these left-wingers climate is religion to them.

This is holy grail stuff. God is mother earth, and oil may as well be Satan to them. They can't stand it. The idea that they would actually go drill for it, that's creating a sin against mother earth. It's a spiritual war for them. The way you wake up and say your prayers, before you go to bed, go to church, worship, exhibit your faith in a real God.

Just understand what you're up against with this administration. Mother earth is God, climate change is faith, is religion for them. You're not going to convince them otherwise. You're not going to convince them to go find some oil and add it to the market. No, sir. They'll happily just blame oil companies.

This is why this administration now is on bended knee. Now, the politics will change, right? The politics might force them to say some things. We're really working hard to keep the price of gas at a manageable level. No, you're not. You wouldn't have cut off Keystone at the top of your administration.

If you were interested in such things, if you had such goals. Their goal is to drive oil out of the market. Oil is Satan to them. So they're like climate evangelists, and then of course today, Biden announces that he's banning oil imports from Russia.

Okay, so Congress was going to do this last night, alright. Jacqui Heinrich from Fox was all on this and she's got a great tweet thread about it. Congress was going to do this last night. The Biden administration was calling everybody - Pelosi, Schumer, and on down the list - to try to get them to make the call. They wanted to make that call, because they saw the political writing on the wall.

Jacqui Heinrich Twitter post, ban Russian oil imports, March 8, 2022, 8:45 AM

Everyone's furious that we're essentially paying for Russia to invade Ukraine, by buying oil. Biden starts making these calls to try and get his own party to stand down. So, they eventually say, okay, we will, but you got to do this today. So, that's why this was hastily done, that he announces at 10:30 this morning that he's going to ban oil. Well, he didn't want to, and this is going to result in even higher prices in the short term.

He didn't really want to, but he'd rather be the one making the decision, so he can get all the platitudes. Oh, he's taking a stand against Russia. He's looking at that through a political lens. He's saying, even though we're going to suffer at the pump and we shouldn't be buying oil from Russia. Let's face it, because of the decisions that he's made, we're kind of boxed in.

He's made the decision politically. It's the political calculus. He needed a bump in press. He needed some good vibes in press. The press would have given an ovation to any member that banned oil prices. Manchin had come out with this idea a week ago and no member of the press took him to task.

That was the trial balloon. Manchin says we should be banning oil imports. The press either agreed or didn't take him to task. The House, the Democrat house sees this and they say, okay, well that might be some good news for us that might get us some good praise. Let's just vote to ban it. Biden's team comes back and says no, no, no, no.

We want to make that call. Everyone's piling on top of each other to try to be the one, to make the decision. Understand this is just a total political maneuver, in the hopes they get some good press coverage because they're being quote "tough on Russia." That's the only motivation to banning oil from Russia. It's not to stick it to Russia. It's to get good praise from the press and they have no problem doing it. None whatsoever.

Though the administration, because of their policies and decisions, they're basically forced to go on bended knee to Venezuela and Saudi Arabia and say, please, please, mother may I, and mother may I, can I have some of your oil? People were getting upset.

Of course, people are getting upset. Its the highest gas prices we've ever had, and it took them a year and a half. Ilhan Omar comes along and now she's upset at Biden. Not for the reasons that you might think. You think, oh wait, maybe she turned over a new leaf. Maybe she got a little populism sprinkled into her cereal.

No, sir. No, no, no, no, no. She's upset that Biden would actually entertain going to Saudi Arabia. Given their record on human rights Ask Phil Mickelson about his views on the Saudis. She just can't even stomach the fact that her Democrat administration, that she so adores, would go ask the Saudis for some of their oil. They have no choice, because they don't want to drill it.

IIham Omar Twitter post, Angry at Biden, March 6, 2022, 7:20 PM

They don't want that on their conscious, remember it's a religious thing for them. So, they're not going to drill it. They're not going to find it. They're releasing reserved. It's tough. I can hear the fact-checkers, because Biden announced today that he's releasing 16 million. I don't think so, but he may have meant billion and he just said million. 16 million lasts, I don't know, in this country, the United States, I think maybe an afternoon. Of course he's blaming Russia.

Never let a crisis go to waste folks. That's their mentality. Rahm Emanuel, former chief of staff to Obama. He said it best. This is how they think. Never let a crisis go to waste. Whether you want to blame his decision on, to cap Keystone, whether it's all the emission regulations, that his EPA puts out there. Whether or not they want to blame Russia, cause is almost irrelevant, to their political worldview.

Ooh, look at this, we have a crisis and let us not let that go to waste. That is the way they view these things. They don't view it as we have a problem, we need to solve it like a normal person would most normal people see a problem. They want to attack the problem to solve the problem.

No, no, no, no, no they're not interested in that. They don't view high prices as a problem. They view your consumption as a problem. The solution is to get you to stop consuming it. So, they're going to regulate you to death, to stop you from consuming it. They're going to regulate the market to death, to stop you from consuming.

There's no easy out here. We're going to have to expect to pay these things, unless and until a massive wave of Republicans get into Congress and stop funding. At a minimum, stop funding the regulatory arm or the bureaucracy, they have to. If that means shutting the government down, well then so be it, but we're funding our own demise here with our tax dollars through our representation.

So, Republicans have to put their foot down and say, we're not funding anything involving climate change appropriations that result in higher gas prices for the American consumer, have to. That all falls in line with what the Republican's agenda should be, which is just be the party of parents.

That's good policy for parents. It's good policy for you as a party. No parent wants to be spending their hard-earned money coming out of a so-called pandemic, having to throw down their hard-earned cash on the highest gas prices this country has ever seen, so everything cascades down from that philosophy, be the party of parents.

What do parents want? Lower gas prices. How do you get there? Deconstruct the administrative state, that's helping to artificially inflate the market, that's helping to increase these prices, stop funding the administrative state within the Biden administration. That's doing that, take a stand, put your foot down.

Parents and community members attend a Loudoun County School Board meeting, just 40 minutes from Fairfax (REUTERS/Evelyn Hockstein)

Represent, hence the House of Representatives and the power of appropriations starts there. This is an ad, right? If you elect me, we will lower your price at the pump. Easy, easy, easy, easy to do it. You're going to have to put your foot down when it comes to government appropriations.

All right, and then you probably going to have to force buying into making some other difficult decisions and dangle more appropriation carrots in order to force his hand. That is the democratic process. Don't sue him. Okay. We've seen this with Obamacare. We've seen this with other things, the Republican led efforts that, well, we're just going to sue the administration. That'll get him.

That almost never works. John Roberts, his Supreme Court has basically told you umpteen times now stop, come to us with all your problems. If you want some of these issues to go away, legislate them out of the way. Don't campaign on any of these things and not end up doing them. Then try to sue to end them.

They have the power to do it. They got to make it happen, but until November we are stuck with this joke of an administration. Like I said, they're treating this like a, religious exercise, and they're going to force you to believe in what they believe in. They're gonna force you to eliminate your consumption of oil and coal and America's resources.

Everyone's smart here. So, I know you all do, just understand that there is the dynamic right now and there's really no end in sight until smart Republicans get in there. Get back this majority and stop using our tax dollars for our own demise.


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