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ForAmerica Congratulates Congressman Byron Donalds...

Today, ForAmerica congratulates Congressman Byron Donalds on his win in the GOP primary

for the 19th Congressional District of Florida. ForAmerica had previously endorsed Congressman Donalds.

ForAmerica President David Bozell said:

Byron Donalds won this primary by demonstrating to his constituents in Southwest Florida what a true conservative is. He never hesitates to defend the right to life, the Second Amendment, and school choice. ForAmerica is proud to be supporting him.

When Byron won his seat in 2020, he did it by running on a take-no-prisoners conservative platform. He has since worked hard to ban sanctuary cities, oppose tax hikes, and defend constitutional rights.

Bozell added:

Byron is a good example of the kind of Republican leadership we need in the House to fight the Biden administration's radical agenda.

Byron will now face two opponents, Cindy Banyai (D) and Patrick Post (no party affiliation - write-in) in the general election on November 8, 2022. ForAmerica looks forward to supporting Byron’s campaign and helping him win the general election so he can return to Washington and continue championing conservative causes.

ForAmerica believes in guaranteed constitutional rights, including the right to life at every stage of life. We believe America should have unlimited education and economic opportunities. We believe America should be energy independent using American resources. We demand the freedom to speak and practice our faith. We will accept nothing less than fair and honest elections, and a government that is transparent, accountable, and stays off the backs of the American people as much as possible.


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