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ForAmerica Highlights $2.35 Billion for the Taliban and Rep. McCaul Promises to Hold this Funding

Last week in our Let's Cut Some Spending series, we reported on The Washington Free Beacon's finding that the Biden administration had planned to give $2.35 billion to Taliban-controlled Afghanistan.

Obviously that's a bad idea.

ForAmerica shared this disturbing news for a reason - SOMEONE needs to stop this!

Now someone says he will.

On "Fox News Sunday," House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Rep. Michael McCaul (R-TX-10) said he will put a hold on this funding until he makes sure the money is not going to the Taliban.

Fox News' Shannon Bream said to her guest, McCaul:

There’s a new report out from the special inspector general overseeing Afghanistan reconstruction. The Washington Free Beacon has this headline from the report, 'Biden Administration Has Given $2.35 Billion to Taliban-Controlled Afghanistan.'

So what do you tell American taxpayers about their dollars flowing to that group, as you said that was critical in what happened at Abby Gate and now is clearly, you know, disrespectful, is the nicest way that I can say that, to women, to girls, to religious minorities?

Those are U.S. tax dollars.

McCaul replied:

I’m prepared in my position to put a hold on this funding until we get assurances it is not going right into the hands of the Taliban.

Rep. McCaul is right. Not one penny of American tax dollars should go to the Taliban.

This administration has, shamefully, given them enough already.

McCaul said of the Taliban:

They are repressing women. They can’t go out of their homes. They can’t get educated. Women can’t even be hired by these NGOs, these charitable organizations in Afghanistan, and we are paying the money.

The U.S. taxpayers are funding this. We need some assurance that this is going to go to the right hands and it’s going to help the women in Afghanistan. If the Taliban can’t assure us of that, I think we need to be prepared to cut that funding off as a stick rather than giving them just a carrot.

Rep. McCaul is right. No U.S. dollars should go to the Taliban.

$2.35 billion should not go to the Taliban.

Please join ForAmerica in holding Rep. McCaul's feet to the fire. Contact Congressman Michael McCaul's office and tell him, "NO AMERICAN TAX DOLLARS FOR THE TALIBAN!"


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