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Here's what's going on in Israel.

Israel is under attack.

Hamas, who is funded largely by Iran, began their attack early in the morning Saturday - the sabbath for the Jewish people. They began by attacking civilian centers, including concerts and neighborhoods, and have been raping, murdering, kidnapping, and maiming innocent men, women, and children while celebrating and broadcasting their horrors on the internet for the world to see. It's worth noting as well that among the murdered and kidnapped, some American citizens have faced the terror these radical islamic terrorists have perpetrated upon Israel.

The death toll continues to rise as Hamas had made some progress in occupying Israeli land, but Israel has began their counter-offensive. Leftist terrorist-sympathizers have condemned some of Israel's response, including halting sending free food, water, and electricity into Palestinian-occupied areas.

Additionally, there are reports that many of the weapons used by Hamas to attack Israel are American guns, conveniently left in Afghanistan during Joe Biden's botched withdrawal, while the Taliban has reportedly offered to join the terrorist front if they were to be given military access through Iran.

We know that Iran has been a key funder of Hamas and uses its money, military, and government to fund terror around the world but especially against Israel - as their parliament was seen chanting "Death to Israel, death to America" just this week. In the past couple months, the United States during a prisoner swap (Joe Biden must have missed the part about not negotiating with terrorist as he emboldens and incentivizes hostile nations to take Americans hostage) gave the Iranians access to about $6 billion as part of the deal. While Sec. Blinken has denied that the money has been used for terror, giving a terrorist nation that kind of money and telling them it can only be used for "humanitarian" purposes is like giving a dog a slab of meat and telling them to only look at it.

Now, more than ever they need an ally in the United States but Joe Biden's lack of support speaks louder than his empty Tweets.

Pray for Israel.


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