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"How Do You Feel Like It's Going?"

Here's a gross interview in which MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace

interviewed White House press secretary Jen Psaki, showering the Biden official with praise

for tolerating those pesky reporters.

WALLACE: “How do you feel like it’s going?” (she really asked Psaki this. How her job was

going. Is she her mother or a reporter?)

WALLACE: “You spar a little bit with some of the president’s detractors.” (you mean actual

reporters doing their jobs?)

Psaki answered these softballs as you might expect, accepting the praise. Who wouldn’t?

But when conservatives complain about media bias, so many on the left act we are


This exchange was a textbook example of the media bias rampant on the left and its media

partners. Can anyone imagine Nicolle Wallace giving former Trump press secretary Kayleigh

McEnany the same kind of positive treatment? Remember how badly former Trump press

secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was treated and even mocked?

Wallace went on to describe her time as White House Communications during the George W.

Bush administration, which also included having to also “spar” with reporters.

Wallace wanted to give Psaki some words of encouragement: “Stand your ground!”

As in, stand your ground against the press. Whose job is to ask tough questions, which so

many in the tank for Biden don’t do.

Just ask Nicole Wallace.


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