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How will Biden's mental state affect the 2024 race?

Updated: Mar 23

TOPIC: Biden's competency after the State of the Union and what it means for 2024



"You saw an old man yelling at 30 million people on national television and yelling at the Congress."


  • Observations of Biden's physical and verbal stumbling have intensified doubts about his capacity to serve effectively.

  • Biden's performance at the State of the Union did not yield the usual post-address bump in approval, despite the media narrative he is clearly mentally compromised.

  • Frequent misstatements and gaffes by Biden, such as confusing inflation rates and countries, demonstrate his inability to think and speak effectively.

  • Biden's handling of immigration and his reluctance to use the term "illegal immigrant" when describing Laken Riley's alleged murderer have rightly started haunting his campaign.

  • The relationship between the Biden administration and certain media outlets raises questions about bias and the portrayal of Biden's presidency, as seen with the MSNBC interview he did post-State of the Union.

  • America is divided into two views: one that sees unauthorized border crossings as illegal and a threat, and another that views them as undocumented but not a concern.

  • A significant portion of Democrats express doubts about Biden's mental fitness for another term, a group he needs to convince otherwise if he wants to win back the White House.


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