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If the debt is unsustainable; not having a border is also unsustainable...


DAVID: Amen to Jim Banks, Congressman Jim Banks from Indiana, who is running for Senate next cycle and should win. And I think he's gonna be a terrific senator, but he puts out this tweet over the weekend about the debt ceiling. And it was spot on.

He says, "I will not support raising the debt limit until we secure the border and stop the mass invasion of illegals into our country."

Now, Washington has certain bills that they consider to be "must pass." The debt ceiling is one of them. "Can't risk the financial sovereignty of the United States." "You're risking the full faith and credit of the United States if you don't increase the debt." Okay. The NDAA, National Defense Authorization Act is another one.

FISA for some odd reason is another one. The Farm Bill is another one. All of which are just extending appropriations. Extending—just paying for another year of tax dollars. Why are those four considered to be "must pass" bills in Washington? Why? Why not border security?

Look, I was advocating last week about 'let's trade debt ceiling for a repeal of the IRS package.' The 87,000 agents, I still maintain that's probably the easiest thing to trade for. Because there is no constituency that's going to defend a massive expansion of the IRS. So, some normal souls within the Democrat party could say, 'okay, sure. I'll raise it that ceiling if I can get rid of these things.' 'It wasn't even' that important to me anyway, and I don't even know how to defend it.'

I...I remained committed to the IRS trade, if the trade is to be had, if you had to absolutely make a trade to raise the debt ceiling. But border security is another one in that discussion.

And it also brings up a larger point. Why isn't border security considered a "must pass" piece of legislation? We should be reauthorizing the security, the funds to secure our border every year in must pass legislation. For three, four, five, decades, these two parties have bitched and moaned at each other about border security.

It used to be the Democrats were all ticked off about illegal immigration, and now that's totally switched and it's become the ultimate hot potato with no solution.

There could be a solution if border of security were actually considered a 'must pass' piece of legislation.

Let's put it another way: If the debt is unsustainable, not having a border is also unsustainable.

If raising the debt protects the financial sovereignty of the United States, then securing the border protects the sovereignty of the United States. Why is one considered 'must pass' legislation and the other a political football?

So I think Banks is saying, right. Now is the time, given how serious the situation is down there with the incredible volume of illegals and migrants coming through. The incredible volume with all the crime and the drugs and the human trafficking. Little girls try to make this trip on their own—being trafficked over by strange men. Coyotes.

But okay. You wanna raise it? That's fine. We're gonna put it into this. And I dare, I dare Democrats to try to even attempt to message that border security is not essential...aka...not 'must pass' legislation. I dare you guys. So when we talk about putting Democrats on defense and going on offense, this tweet from Banks saying, 'look, I'm a no on debt ceiling until the border is secure.' There's my red line. That's what we're talking about.

Let's not let Democrats define what it is that should be 'must pass.' I think Republicans should offer a border security package of their own vision. And they've got plenty of them, they've got plenty of plans. You just gotta pick one. Just like healthcare, just pick one. Trump had a terrific one.

Just pick that one. Take it outta the closet, blow the dust off of it and say, 'okay, we're gonna pass this. You wanna raise the debt ceiling? This is what we want.' And all the things that that package might entail.

And oh, by the way, we're gonna make this a 'must pass' piece of legislation.

Consider it...just as equal. The border security package should be given equal weight as all of the others that I mentioned. Debt ceiling, NDAA, FISA, Farm Bill.

So Banks is right. And I'm gung-ho watching. Let's see how many other Republicans jump on board with him and say, 'yeah, this is our moment. This is our moment to solve this border situation. We want the package of our vision and our choosing, passed and signed into the law.'

And if you're willing to do that. Joe Biden prides himself in doing things in a bipartisan way, if you will. If you're willing to do that, then maybe we'll talk about raising your debt ceiling, but only until a border security package is passed, and signed into law... and not caveat, not an executive order. Because that could just be flipped upside down on a dime.

Pass the border security package, then consider raising the debt ceiling. Good on Jim Banks for planting his flag. Over and out.



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