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Jesus, Take the Wheel: Transgender Males Beat Up Biological Females and the Media are Silent

Updated: May 3

Libs of TikTok recently highlighted two brutal attacks of boys, who identify as girls, beating up girls.

In Lebanon, Indiana at Lebanon High School, a male student attacked a female student in the hallway by grabbing her by the ponytail from behind and dragging her to the ground. Then he stood over her and punched her in the face approximately 10 times as she screamed for help and used her arms to try to protect herself. According to multiple sources within the school district, the boy has a history of attacking and fighting girls.

The other attack happened in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania at Pennbrook Middle School. The male student, who identifies as female, beat up a female student with a Stanley cup tumbler in the school cafeteria.

A witness to the atrocity, a 12-year-old girl named Emily, described the attack at a school board hearing:

I was in lunch, and all of the sudden, I hear all of this screaming and everybody running. I see Mel [the transgender male student] running in after somebody, and everyone's screaming and running. The girl who got attacked didn't see it because she was faced backwards. All of a sudden, you just hear these terrible, like, loud bangs of the Stanley bouncing off her head. And then you see Mel grabbing her hair and hitting her against the table, and just repeatedly hitting her with the Stanley. There was blood going everywhere. I was at the table right behind, and all you see is blood everywhere.

Both attacks are truly unimaginable, and to make matters worse, the media refuses to acknowledge that the attackers are male and identify as transgender.

Why are the assailants being protected?! Our girls deserve better... they need to be protected!

Jesus, take the wheel!


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