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Jesus, Take the Wheel: "We have a serious mental health crisis in this country"

At this point, none of this should be surprising. This TikToker is introducing another gender called "genderseason," in which, apparently, your gender changes based on the time of year. Your guess is as good as ours, but it seems like these mentally ill individuals think they're a boy during the summer but a girl in the winter? It's sad and demented. As Libs of TikTok says, "we have a serious mental health crisis in this country."

It's all part and parcel of the woke mind virus. If you're looking for clues, look no further than the portrait of Karl Marx that sits behind her in the video. It's all part of the same ideology - dismantle every institution that built western civilization. From capitalism, to Christianity, to the nuclear family, and even fundamental biology like gender - these radical Leftists want to destroy it all.

Jesus, take the wheel!


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