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Let's Clear the Air Before Biden Lies About the State of the Union

President Biden is set to deliver the State of the Union Address Tuesday, February 7, where he will speak to a newly-divided government. Biden is expected to tout his "accomplishments," and to speak on several issues, possibly including the war in Ukraine, immigration, and inflation. Before Biden has the chance to spout off his series of lies, here is the actual state of the union.

While Biden likes to claim that the war in Ukraine was unavoidable, it's clear it is a problem of his own making. Before the invasion, Biden practically invited the Kremlin to roll across Ukraine's western border, when he said:

"I think what you're going to see is that Russia will be held accountable if it invades. And it depends on what it does. It's one thing if it's a minor incursion and then we end up having a fight about what to do and not do."

Additionally, Ukrainian President Zelenskyy as well as notable American leaders, such as Senator Ted Cruz, warned that Biden's removal of sanctions on the Russian-owned Nord Stream 2 pipeline would lead to war in Ukraine. Biden went ahead with it anyways.

Following the start of the avoidable conflict, the Biden regime has shelled out well over $100 billion in aid and assistance to Ukraine. To understand those numbers more tangibly, the estimated cost of the wall on our southern border was around $11 billion, making the United States' defense of the Ukrainian border over 10x that of our own. As Biden continues to fund an endless war in Ukraine, we should disregard the continued lies about America's obligation— especially as there is an invasion on our border.

Addressing the border crisis is critical for our safety and security— including enough fentanyl to kill every American pouring through our border in 2022 alone! Biden and his Border Czar Kamala Harris have insisted that the border is secure— which means they're either fully incompetent, lying, or both.

The Biden administration's ineptitude has been seen time and time again, but this area of national sovereignty highlights Biden's shortcomings perhaps more than any other. Last week, a Chinese spy balloon was allowed to pass over our country. Reportedly entering Alaska before traversing Canadian air space, and finally making its way from Montana to the Atlantic Ocean before being shot down. Although Biden claims that he gave the go-ahead to military officials days before the problem was solved, he remains as the Commander-in-Chief of the military— regardless of his orders, he is responsible for an enemy war machine spying on American soil.

If illegal immigrants in numbers greater than many States' populations, enough drugs to end the lives of the entire American population, and war machines of the Chinese Communist Party entering American airspace uncontested is Biden's definition of "secure," then he may have a point... but for those of us who are sane, the denial of a border crisis is insincere at best, and treacherous at worst.

As if this was not all bad enough, Biden has taken to Twitter to claim that his "economic plan is working."

A slap to the face to Americans that struggle to afford necessities, such as eggs, which have seen prices rise over 60% since Biden took office. Make no mistake, the average American does not need to be told the economy is in shambles, they live it. The average American cannot believe the administration's lies, but he will tell them anyways.

According to recent reports, 41% of people say that they are "worse off" under Biden than Trump. Unfortunately, regardless of how much Biden will claim otherwise, the situation is unlikely to change while he remains in office.

So long as our President remains weak on the world stage, American sovereignty will be challenged and our enemies emboldened. So long as our elected officials prioritize foreign countries over our own, we will not have a secure border. So long as they send more money abroad than we have in our coffers, we will have unruly inflation.

Do not believe the lies told at the State of the Union. Check your bank account and talk to your friend that lives in a border state— you'll see and hear the truth about the state of our union.


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