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Maybe Hillary Had It Right All Along...


DAVID: You know, I may not always be right, but I'm never wrong. Pence... Mike Pence reported today that he's got documents, too. I said yesterday that I thought the whole document story was way overblown. I have so many other things that I care more about than what politician may have taken their... work home with them one night and forgot to bring it back.

Look, are these important documents? You'll never know. You'll never know. And I said yesterday, what? 90% of the people that... probably have access to these things, probably brought something home with them that they shouldn't have. And now you just hope... I hope that House Republicans who have so many more important things to do, don't get caught up in this.

We said we had to investigate what Biden had— who saw it, who had access to it, what rooms were they in, et cetera, et cetera. Now, they're gonna have to do that. If they're gonna be consistent, they're gonna have to do that with Trump. They're gonna have to do that with Biden. They're gonna have to do that with Pence.

Now they're... the next ... is probably Kamala Harris— God only knows what Obama has. Hell, you could probably dig up crap at the Reagan library if you wanted to go back that far. Who knows? I mean, I'm sure George W. Bush is sitting in his house in Texas like, "oh shit!"

I was like, what do I got? I'm just... look, it ain't right. But these are human beings with access to some top secret files and yeah, they think they can just bring 'em home with them. They do. And someone brings them into the toilet for some reading material, they forget 'em... and on it goes.

It's a... pretty vivid image, but that's how these things go...

And... look, maybe Hillary had it right all along. Maybe if they had just shredded all their documents, you wouldn't have any of these problems.

Maybe Hillary, after all is said and done, had the right idea.

But look... there's just so many more important things to me anyway, right?

  1. What agencies are House Republicans gonna gut in order to, for example, raise the debt ceiling? Which promises that they made on the campaign trail that garnered their positions as the new house majority?

  2. What promises are they gonna keep?

  3. What is the truth of behind Covid? That would be enough. That's much more important to me than whatever documents may be floating around out there that we'll never know the contents of.

  4. How about the 14,000 hours of J6 footage that Nancy Pelosi, and now Kevin McCarthy, is sitting on? Getting those released is much more important to me.

  5. How about, when is Congress gonna stop Big Tech from acquiring data about our children? That's much more important to me. I know that's a big issue up there. How do you stop surveillance advertising of children from Big Tech? That's much more important to me. What is the GOP's plan to reimagine public education? We see in our feeds and our news all constantly....with these teachers gone wild and this left wing agenda, and woke this and CRT that. Okay? You have an opportunity.

You're the ones who have the power of the purse. You have an opportunity to reimagine what public education should look like, whether that's school choice or something else. I'm much more curious as to what plan they want to coalesce... around. What promises are they gonna keep? They only have, I think, less than a hundred days in session before these deadlines start to hit.

So... I just caution people. I sometimes— the polling... everything reinforces each other, right? The news talks about documents all day long— Fox News, if you just have that on the background like I do... it's just all day long. It's just documents, documents, documents.

And so then, the polling suggests that people care about documents because they're just watching that and that's top of mind. But, I just have a funny... I'm making a bet that most of the country cares much deeply about some of these other issues.

Education, what agencies, what are the types of things that Republicans in the house majority are going to do to get the government off our backs? That's just much more exciting to me. And how are they gonna go about doing that? Just much more exciting to me. I think maybe these guys should have taken a page out of old Hillary's playbook and shredded these documents rather than hold onto them in some sort of dungeon somewhere.

Cuz you're gonna get busted every time... it's just not an interesting story to me. I guess we'll continue to follow it if news breaks, but there are other more important things to do.


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