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Let's Cut Some Spending: Snapping Away Money

This time in "what did the government waste money on," we have $118,971 of federal funding from the NSF to research whether or not Thanos -- yes, the big purple guy from the Marvel movies -- "could actually snap his fingers while wearing the Infinity Gauntlet."

Sen. Rand Paul raised concern over this issue in December, calling the national debt "the real Infinity War." This is part of a larger issue. The federal government throws money after meaningless things all the while complaining that they need to raise the debt ceiling. From spending tax dollars trying to get Ethiopians to wear shoes, to trying to create transgender monkeys, and now this... is there any limit to what they'll throw cash at?

After well over twice the US average annual salary was spent, they were able to determine that the big purple guy would not have been able to snap his fingers and use the magic stones in real life. Perhaps next we can test if gamma radiation can make you big, green, and angry... but until then - it's time to start cutting reckless spending.


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