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Lies, Damned Lies, and Democrats

Congressman Dan Goldman (D-NY-10)

Politicians have been known to stretch, bend, and spin the truth. Democrats have gotten in the fashion of inventing their own.

As the biggest example, they created, out of whole cloth, Russia Gate. The purpose was to cover up for Hillary's illegal email server sending thousands of classified documents and create an attack point against Trump in the 2016 election.

Democrats are back at it again. Biden is as corrupt a President as we have ever had and Democrats are doing everything they can to deceive, distract, and derail the investigations into Biden and the truths they are exposing. Over the past several days you have seen the term "illusion of access" being reported in various news stories.

This was presented as something Devon Archer, Hunter's former business partner, had said or was a reasonable interpretation of his testimony. It's not. MRC NewsBusters reported that CBS even called out this lie. CBS News investigative reporter Catherine Herridge said:

You will recall that Democrat Congressman Dan Goldman said that Archer testified that it was the illusion of access to Joe Biden that Hunter Biden was offering to these clients. But in fact, when you look at the transcript what you see is that phrase, illusion of access, is in Dan Goldman's question. It's actually not what Devon Archer testified to.

It is Democrats again making up their own truth and Republicans have released the transcript to prove it:

They knew this was the lie they wanted to create before they heard from Devon Archer and this was the lie they were going to spread regardless of his testimony. Do not be deceived, do not get distracted, and do not let them derail the accountability corrupt Joe Biden is due.

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