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Make Politics Boring Again

TOPIC: The Return of Single-Subject Appropriations Bills and the Impact on Capitol Hill Politics.


"You're going to see some of the most boring television, but the most important political TV that you've probably seen in quite some time."


  1. Members of Congress are now voting on single-subject spending appropriations bills, a practice not seen in 20-25 years.

  2. This allows representatives to offer amendments to legislation, leading to more active participation and debate.

  3. Various representatives have successfully passed amendments, ranging from prohibiting troops in Ukraine, to banning mask mandates, and preserving chocolate milk in schools.

  4. The current legislative approach contrasts with the previous method of passing large, omnibus spending bills.

  5. The change in is a result of "the 20" standing up against to Kevin McCarthy during the Speaker fight in January.

  6. This is our traditional system of government and a move away from the Continuing Resolution which has been responsible for bloating government spending over the years.

  7. The Continuing Resolution method led to increased government spending and deficits, limiting the effectiveness of Members of Congress.

  8. Some representatives are trying to negotiate smaller resolutions with specific focuses, like border security, which is possible as every item receives a vote during the open amendment process.



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