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Make The Redskins Great Again!

In-depth Episode Notes

TOPIC: David Bozell discusses a petition that urges the Washington Commanders to return to the Washington Redskins, among backlash against woke cancel culture eradicating Native American history.


Politics is downstream from culture, right? So these are the fights that we need to embark on and embrace and lend our voice to.


  • A petition from the Native American Guardian Association (NAGA) has been circulating to change the name of the Washington Commanders back to the Washington Redskins. The petition is available to sign here!

  • Since Dan Snyder sold the team, new ownership might be open to a name change.

  • Despite little marketing, the petition has garnered over 76,000 signatures on in two months - jumping from 72,000 just yesterday.

  • The name was changed during the summer of 2020 in the wake of the George Floyd and BLM riots that swept across the country, including internal disputes with minority owners and external pressures.

  • FedEx, whose CEO was one of the minority owners, threatened to remove their title sponsorship unless the name was changed.

  • Snyder ignored polls for the new team name, choosing Commanders despite little support. Perhaps he hoped to garner support from the military.

  • NAGA believes the name "Redskins" honors Native American culture and was never meant as derogatory, that the abrupt name change disregarded the team's legacy.

  • The Redskins' logo was designed by a local tribe in the early 1970s and is seen as respectful and representative of Native American heritage.

  • If the Redskins are offensive, the Kansas City Chiefs fit the same bill. One should not be supported while the other is eradicated.

  • Cultural battles are important for the conservative movement. Lend your name, fight against cancel culture, and stand against the eradication of Native American's legacy with the Washington Redskins.



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