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MSNBC Reports That Trump's Legal Issues Cause GA Republicans to Support Him More

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In a recent MSNBC segment, the notoriously anti-Trump left-wing news outlet sat down with Georgia Republicans to ask about Donald Trump's legal problems.

It turns out, those legal battles are actually helping him.

Republicans are becoming even more passionate about supporting Trump.

While Trump narrowly lost to Biden in 2020 in Georgia, a recent poll shows Trump beating Biden by 9%.

Georgia voter Antonio Jones told MSNBC News, “It's actually caused me to support him more."

"I just don’t believe that it’s a coincidence we have a trial happening in Atlanta, we have one happening in New York, so the question people are beginning to ask themselves like I did, is like, why now?” Jones said.

He wasn't alone.

“I think always fighting,” said first-time voter Thaden Rumbaugh, who is backing Trump. “I mean he’s taking so much just defense from news and everything, but he still hasn’t given up. He keeps fighting to do what’s right.”

Lisa Babbage said, “I’ve talked to many people who formerly identified as a Democrat. They have changed their political persuasion to independent and they are looking forward to voting for Trump. Because now they find something in common with a political candidate at that level.”

“They have felt persecuted by the system of American injustice. It’s not a stretch for them to think that Trump may be a victim as well,” Babbage said. “The people see that there’s some kind of commonality between himself and maybe all the black men who have been incarcerated and the families that have been impacted by black male incarceration.”

A Wall Street Journal poll in April showed that black men supporting Trump in seven swing states has shot up 30 percent from where his numbers were in 2020.

Gwinnett County GOP chairman Sammy Baker said, “It’s pretty much everybody says they’re picking on him."

Apparently. Democrats might have overreached in targeting Donald Trump for so many legal cases, which might end up being a big surprise to them come November.

Among Georgia Republicans, it's won't be a surprise at all.


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