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Muting Words on Twitter


David Bozell: Discovered a cool tool in Twitter. I like Twitter. I think it's the best news aggregator out there. You can mute words, not just accounts, but words, certain individual words.

So then, I saw a picture of Christina Aguilera, am I even pronouncing that right, who cares. I guess at a Los Angeles Gay Pride thing, drag queen thing, who knows, but she had this Incredible... Beautiful girl. She's wearing an Incredible Hulk costume with an Incredible Hulk penis strapped to her belly, dancing and flopping around. Some weird kind of Gamma Ray action there going on. Some weird co... Is it cosplaying? Is that what they call it? Trying to dress up as an Incredible Hulk character with an Incredible Hulk penis flopping around.

So, that was my end of my Twitter usage that day. It's like, "Well, that's enough Internet for today!" But then, I figured out you can mute words, so I muted the words "gay," "LGBT," and "trans" for 24 hours. You can actually set a time-limit. So, I muted those things for 24 hours, so we'll see. We'll see how that goes. Maybe that cleans up my feed a little bit, makes it a little bit more tolerable, gives me a little bit of a break from the infusion of that kind of stuff. Who knows? We'll see, but I'll report back on the use of Twitter's muted word function.

Libs of TikTok... She's upset. She's getting dozens of death threats. That's the thing, she's got a terrific account, Libs of TikTok. She reposts some pretty wacko stuff that liberals are putting out there, particularly in those arenas, and then... She just posted, "I've received about a dozen death threats." Twitter lets that go. Then Elon Musk replied to her, "Why Twitter? Why are you letting this go?" Good on, Elon!

Anyway, we'll see what the muted word function does for us here and I'll give a report back.

Alright, take it easy.


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