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Nikki Haley Seems Desperate


Nikki Haley, former South Carolina governor and potential presidential candidate, is having a hard time finding a lane to run in for the GOP nomination race. With Ron DeSantis expected to enter the race, she'll be one of three Southern governors, alongside Hutchinson from Arkansas and DeSantis from Florida. There are even rumors that Kemp from Georgia might join in, making it four Southern governors.

She's also not the only candidate from South Carolina, with Senator Tim Scott having entered the race.

Haley can't rely on the Southern or governor cards, and even her attempts to play the woman card have fallen flat. So, in an attempt to stir up any attention for herself, Haley appeared on Fox News, taking a shot at DeSantis for his stance against Disney.

Bold strategy, Cotton.

DeSantis is trying to hold Disney accountable for enjoying tax breaks from Florida taxpayers, while their values no longer align. Haley, on the other hand, offered to welcome Disney and its 70,000+ jobs to South Carolina, claiming they aren't "woke" but aren't sanctimonious either.

Some suggest Haley is becoming a Trump attack dog against DeSantis, but it's more likely she's simply trying to stay afloat financially. Reportedly raising $11 million since her campaign's launch (which may be a gross figure), she seems to be looking for a specific type of donor – those who focus on business and fiscal issues while avoiding social topics. This old-school thinking might keep her in the race, but it's unlikely to be a winning strategy.

Both DeSantis and Trump understand that spending, values, and culture are all connected. If the government is giving tax breaks, they should at least respect the values of the taxpayers providing the tax breaks. Disney has violated that ethos, hence DeSantis picking the fight.

Nikki Haley might as well put up a FOR SALE sign outside her campaign headquarters and her silliness today reeks of desperation.



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