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NYC Asks Supreme Court to Let Over 800,000 Illegal Aliens Vote

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This week, New York City started handing out prepaid debit cards to illegal immigrants.

Now, the city also wants the Supreme Court to allow thousands of illegal aliens to vote.

If that sounds too outrageous to be true, now you're reminded just how radical leftwing leaders can be.

And this isn't the first time New York City has tried this.

Townhall reports, "In 2021, then-Mayor Bill de Blasio signed a law that would have allowed 800,000 non-citizens with green cards, visas, and work permits to vote as long as they have resided in the city for at least 30 consecutive days."

"However, the controversial law was struck down last month by an appellate court," Townhall noted.

And today? The story continued:

New York City Council spokesperson Rendy Desamour arrived in court on Tuesday to beg the Supreme Court of the State of New York to override the rulings and allow the council to start authorizing illegal immigrants to vote “Today’s filing to appeal the Second Department’s recent decision seeks a determination from the state’s highest court that the law is consistent with the State Constitution, Election Law, and the Municipal Home Rule Law,” Desamour said. “Empowering New Yorkers to participate in our local democratic process can only strengthen New York City by increasing civic engagement.”  The council argued that illegal immigrants living in the city should be able to vote because they pay taxes and make contributions to the community. 

At precisely the time we should be doing everything we can to discourage illegal immigration, New York City is not only handing out free money, they're actively trying to make it so non-citizens can vote.



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