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Poll: Democrat Voters Support Trump's Election Safeguards

A vote on House Resolution One, or "H.R. 1" is scheduled for this week under President Joe Biden and a Democratically-controlled Congress. Every House Democrat has already signaled they will vote for this bill.

This bill allegedly creates automatic voter registration; expands absentee, early voting, and vote-by-mail; and restores voting rights to felons. Most importantly, it goes heavily against voter preferences, Republican and Democrat alike.

In voting for HR1, Democrats will openly resist the will of the rest of the country. A new survey by McLaughlin and Associates outlines how opposed Americans are to key facets of HR1.

When survey responders were asked if they believed requiring signature verification for mail-in ballot voting, which Donald Trump called for yesterday at CPAC, the total approval was 85 percent, including 80% of Democrats!

McLaughlin Memo to For America
McLaughlin Memo to For America

When it comes to allowing only American citizens to vote in the elections, Total approval for this position was 84 percent, including 78% of Democrats! Virtually two-thirds (64 percent) “strongly approve.”

Trump once again called for voter I.D. yesterday to resounding applause. But voter I.D. isn't just a Republican preference:

On the simple question of if voting should require photo identification—as people have to do at the bank, DMV, doctor’s office and a million other things—the same large numbers come on the side of common sense: 81 percent overall believe photo ID should be required to vote, including 74% of Democrats!

Voter I.D., strong mail-in signature verification, and allowing only U.S. citizens to vote each received 74 percent-plus bi-partisan approvals. UNITY!

In a memo to For America, pollster John McLaughlin wrote:

“There is universal support among voters to safeguard elections with measures that will ensure democratic elections that are fair and trusted. There is overwhelming support for requiring signature verification for any mail-in ballot voting, allowing only American citizens to vote in elections, and requiring photo identification to vote.”
“The support is both broad and intense, the summary notes. Approval of these election safeguards cuts across all voter demographics, including strong bipartisan support.”

God help any politician of any party on the wrong side of those numbers. Should Democrats continue their mis-guided pursuit of H.R.1, Democrats will most assuredly lose in 2022.


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