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Press Uses Polls to Make You Question Your Instincts

"Democrats Use Polls to Make You Question Your Instincts" Transcript:

David Bozell: Polls, polls, polls. Listen, this is how the press likes to frame, they like to use polls and frame narratives to scare you into questioning your instincts. Let's go through two examples of this. One has been reported on by the press a ton. And the other has been reported on by the press almost nil.

Let's go with the one that hasn't been really reported on. CBS, they partner up with YouGov, so they do a month to month approval rating of Joe Biden. March 2021, and they've always been friendly to Joe. CBS has a 62% approval rating for Joe Biden. Fast forward a year, and that same poll dropped 20 points. March 2022, and now his approval rating is at 42%, which is a little high actually compared to other polls. That's a CBS/YouGov poll that they've basically buried.

Now, this is the poll that the Democrats are touting. ABC did a poll in which they asked, who do you blame for the gas price hike, which is along the lines of the same theme of what Joe Biden was talking about on Monday. See how they all kind of work in cahoots with one another? Joe Biden goes out on Monday saying, it's the Putin price hike for gas prices. It's the Putin price hike. ABC does a poll and they say 71% of the country blames Putin for the gas prices. And the Democrats put out a tweet and a bunch of literature saying - see, everyone agrees that it's Putin that's responsible for this.

What they don't tell you is that they gave respondents a laundry list of issues to choose from and the respondents chose them all. They pointed out that they gave Putin as an option to blame. They gave Biden as an option to blame. They gave Democrat policies as an option to blame. They gave oil companies as an option to blame and every single one of those options, and I'm sure there were more, every single one of those options were north of 50%. So the country, the respondents, are kind of blaming everybody. They're blaming Biden. They're blaming Putin. They're blaming the oil companies.

That's partly all true, and they all have different motivations, but the Democrats are trying to, and the press is trying to frame this as - oh, the majority of the country blames Putin for the price hike and no one else because Joe Biden couldn't possibly be to blame. It's all Putin.

Smart reporters, at least some halfway honest reporters, Ed O'Keefe, I think from CBS, who's one of the only guys to tout his own company's poll, reminded his audiences that the gas prices and supply chain issues and all this other jazz started well before Putin invaded Ukraine.

But that just gives you an example of how these things can be framed. It's all designed to feed doubt and to create doubt in your mind. If the Hunter Biden episode and all these episodes that have been now proven to be true, and we knew in our gut that they were true at the outset...if all these episodes, what they really just teach us is don't doubt your instincts. Don't let the press divide you against what your gut is telling you. Don't let these polls and don't let your neighbors and your friends say it's all Putin's fault. Three quarters of the country magically believes that. No, no. What the ABC News poll said was that three quarters of the country blames Putin, along with all these other things.

And that's it. And it's a kind of a silly question, it's not serious polling, but it's all designed to frame the narrative that Biden can't possibly be to blame and to also create doubt among you, with you, to get you to doubt your instincts. So, now you see through it.

Meanwhile, while the Democrats are trying to tweet out this fictitious 71% number, trying to claim that the country blames Putin for all of Biden's ills, there's a Quinnipiac poll released yesterday, Wednesday, where his [Biden's] numbers, his approval ratings have crashed to 33%. I mean, that is a 'Katy bar the door' number where you might see a lot of Democrats basically stiff arm him the rest of the way here, because they'll be just out for their own survival.

This is the kind of thing. I mean, I remember in the Clinton years when Clinton was going through impeachment and their number one political goal was to try to keep his number above 50% approval. If it was over 50% approval, Democrats would not vote to convict to impeach him. If it was under, Democrats would bail on him. Now, this is at a time in the late nineties where the 50% number was a magic number. Now you really, in such a divided country, 45 is the new 50 and if you're plus 45, you're pretty much good to go, politically, and you'll have the support of your party.

You start getting into the low forties, high thirties, I mean, now, he's [Biden] according to Quinnipiac, down to 33% approval. That is 'Katy bar the door' stuff where you'll see a ton of Democrats just completely abandon him and this White House, and they're going to start trying to do their own thing.

So his agenda, I think, is finished domestically. Thank God. You can only really pray to the Lord above that he doesn't screw this up on the foreign policy front any more than he already has.

And there is not a single reason on earth for any Republican to grant him a vote on anything he wants going forward. There is no political utility in providing Joe Biden a positive vote on a single piece of his agenda going forward. 33% is as bad as it gets.


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Jul 06, 2022

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Apr 19, 2022

Elections have consequences. The consequences of the 2020 election were open borders and hyperinflation. Thank GOD the taliban doesn't have to hide in caves anymore and the liberals can finally stop burning down their own cities!


Apr 17, 2022

Love Biden ❤️ 😍 💖 ❣️ my president!!

Apr 18, 2022
Replying to

Lo Biden has been a COMPLETE FAILURE from day one and we ALL KNOW IT but some DUMBOcraps won't admit it!R U ONE???

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