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Respectfully, Mitch McConnell, It's Time to Step Down.

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

TOPIC: David Bozell discusses Mitch McConnell's latest freeze while giving a speech, what he should do for the good of the country, and why the House is the last chance to give checks and balances to the Biden administration.


"Respectfully, Mitch McConnell, enough is enough. I think you should step down for the good of your state and for the good of the Republican Party."


  1. There are concerns about Mitch McConnell's health after he froze again during public events.

  2. McConnell seems immune to criticism and is always reelected, perhaps because he acts as a piggy bank for other Republicans.

  3. McConnell’s stance on budget negotiations is basically the same as Chuck Schumer.

  4. There's a belief that under McConnell's leadership, the Senate Republicans will not provide any opposition, which so far, has been true.

  5. McConnell's leadership is more about managing the responsibilities of the Senators and less about opposing policy.

  6. McConnell recently achieved a record for his tenure as a leader in the Senate.

  7. With how useless the Senate has become, all hopes for opposition or checks on Biden's policies now lie with the House.

  8. If McConnell sticks around, it seriously undermines the ability for Republicans to attack Joe Biden's mental and physical incapacitation.

  9. Mitch McConnell should resign for his own health and for the good of the party and his state.



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