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Sleepy Joe Botches His Visit to Maui


TOPIC: David Bozell discusses Biden's recent trip to Maui and the president's many missteps.


"Biden's recent behavior during the Maui disaster raises serious questions about his capacity to lead. Another misstep like Maui could upend the race for the presidency."


  1. President Biden appeared disoriented and feeble during his post-disaster Maui visit.

  2. Biden seemingly fell asleep during a town hall meeting for Maui victims.

  3. He told unrelated stories that didn't resonate with the audience about a small kitchen fire he had years ago.

  4. Historically, Biden excelled at debates, but if he's as mentally incompetent as he seems, can he still pull it off?

  5. Biden's potential saving grace? VP Kamala Harris' presence. He's only there because she is too unpopular to replace him.

  6. The media's handling of Biden's response to Maui is crucial for his presidency.

  7. A second mishandling of a similar situation might be disastrous for Biden.

  8. The Maui disaster could have been a political advantage for Biden, but he seemed unable to seize the opportunity.



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