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‘SNL’ Can Make Fun of Biden, But We Can't??


David Bozell: Morning, everybody. David Bozell here, your conductor today. I'm going to start off and we'll play a clip from Saturday Night Live over the weekend. Very funny from Weekend Update. Colin Jost had the bit, and I'll explain it further after the clip, but it's going to be real instructive for you. So, he basically explains that we're living in a Mad Max simulation right now, and he gives a laundry list of examples.

So and then, over his shoulder is the screen of Joe with the mask from the villain from Mad Max. But the picture over his shoulder that really intrigued me was the picture of the empty grocery store shelves when he talks about the baby formula. Kids have nothing to eat. It's a funny bit, right?

And I bring that up because last night and over the weekend, we've had these fact checkers on our case, these guys called NewsGuard, which are these left-wing operatives. And they purport to rank every single news/infotainment/blog/every sort of... They don't restrict themselves to the news apparently, because we're not a news site. But here they are knocking down my door trying to get me to explain why in 2021, I guess, ForAmerica tweeted out a picture of empty grocery store shelves. And if you just follow along here, because it's as ludicrous as it gets.

We tweeted out a picture of empty shelves with a picture of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, and it says, "We did it." Funny, right? We'll put it up on the website again. I guess Reuters fact checked that, which I had no idea that they did until these guys told me last night. So these guys, NewsGuard, are asking me why I didn't issue a correction to the empty grocery stores picture.

This is them. This is the Reuters... Pull up the Reuters' headline here. This is the Reuters' headline of that event, right? It fact checked:

Images do not show empty shelves in US supermarkets in October 2021.

That's the Reuters' headline.

And it goes on to basically explain that, yeah, there are empty shelves due to the global supply chain crisis, but that the picture that we found and tweeted was a picture of empty shelves during the Houston ice storm a couple of months earlier. This is, again, Reuters' words. We "miscaptioned" our post.

Post featured images of empty supermarket shelves from 2020 or earlier that are unrelated to the current global...

So, they don't deny that there are empty shelves. It's that we used a picture from a couple months earlier that's unrelated. So, that's their claim.

And I tie that to the Saturday Night Live bit, because I'm really curious if NewsGuard is going to be all over Saturday Night Live to make sure that the picture that they used over Colin Jost's head on national television was, in fact, a picture of empty baby formula shelves, or maybe, just maybe, a show built on satire took a picture of empty grocery shelves and throw it over their news anchor's head.

But is NewsGuard ever going to go after Saturday Night Live? No! And how do I know they're not going to go after Saturday Night Live?

Look at this MRC, Media Research Center, study from December of 2021. They looked into all of NewsGuard's ratings. They rate left-leaning outlets... It says the average NewsGuard score for left and left-leaning outlets was 93 out of 100, while the average rating for right and lean-right outlets, which included FOX News, Washington Times, and New York Post, was a low 66 out of 100. That's a 27-point disparity. 93% credible on average for left-wing outlets, according to NewsGuard, and 66% on average for right-leaning outlets.

Now, what is this thing? It really hasn't caught fire unless you buy the app. And it's basically you put an extension on your browsers and it's supposed to tell you if it's a... Green is good, red is bad, I guess, it is a color coordinated thing, and it's supposed to help navigate. It's just another tool in the shed for left-wingers in the censorship battle is really all that it is.

But if I had my druthers, I would venture to guess that NewsGuard really wants to get the attention of the social networks. And so they can apply their ratings to anything that comes out of the social networks, which if the social networks actually even subscribe to that, that would be the end of the social networks because they would cease to no longer be social at that point.

In other words, an Apple review system is not good enough. A Yelp review system is not good enough. You can't trust the popularity of a page or a website, but based on the reviews or the comments or the likes or anything like that or your peers, you have to use these guys. And apparently, I guess they've expanded their portfolio. I guess they might have a deal with AFT, the American Federation of Teachers, where they're going to try to put their rating system on school materials. So, that's yet to take off in earnest, but you know that's where they want to go.

But I may just tell these NewsGuard guys straight up, because I'm not going to respond to their emails, because this is not even worth my time. But let me just tell these guys straight up. You guys give, according to this MRC study from December of 2021, the following news operations a 100% credibility score. You ready?

  • The New York Times,

  • The Washington Post,

  • NBC News,

  • Politico,

  • The New Yorker,

  • Time magazine,

  • Yahoo,

  • The Guardian,

  • The Economist, and

  • USA Today

They all have 100% scores for their "credibility" as of December of 2021. Sure, if it's gone down, it's only gone down about a minuscule amount since then. In fact, at that particular time, they even gave Buzzfeed a 100% score, despite the fact that they still have the Steele dossier on their website, which has been discredited completely. They've still got it up and they still get a 100% score.

So, they're not to be trusted in any way, shape, or form. But let me just tell you. If you're going to score us, NewsGuard, okay, listen carefully. If you give ForAmerica and me a grade any higher than a zero, I'm going to be upset. I want to be as far away from The New York Times as possible. Is that clear? I don't want to have a number score rating, whatever the hell you guys call it, any more than a zero. I want to be dead last, dead last, as far away from The New York Times as possible.

I mean, we posted that meme of the empty shelves in our Funniest... We have a recurring article called The Funniest Things. And in The Funniest Things, we have a disclaimer at the bottom of every time we post The Funniest Things We Saw Today, it says this... This is our disclaimer. Now, our disclaimer, which they failed to even recognize or see.

The content in this post are memes, videos, images, and screenshots of things intended to make people who have a sense of humor laugh. The content is intended to be satire in some cases and is not meant to be taken seriously. Have a wonderful day, fact-checkers. Sincerely, Management.

That's been our disclaimer on The Funniest Things We Saw Today every time we post it.

So guys, honestly, I'm going to be real upset if I get a higher score than zero.

I mean, they give The Federalist, which is a terrific website, a 12.5 for daring to question the efficacy of mask wearing. And this is back in December of 2021. It turns out The Federalist was right. That's just one of the reasons why they give The Federalist a 12. But I want to be less than that. I want to be like minus, if at all possible, if at all possible. Okay? And that's where we're going to leave it there with those guys.

But it's nice to be recognized by your enemies. I love that. That's always fun. And I just can't imagine... I'm not going to out this guy's name who's beating down our door. I'll let him do his own hit piece. Yeah, look through his Twitter feed. He's a baseball fan. I'm a baseball fan. We could actually have a fun conversation.

But I'm telling you, I mean, can you imagine going through school, probably getting some sort of like mega government loan? Now, you're advocating to have that loan sort of just tossed away and be forgiven automatically, but you go to college, you probably go to some j-school and you spend your day combing websites for whether or not they've made corrections on memes of empty grocery store shelves when their brothers-in-arms, Saturday Night Live, are doing the exact same thing? The exact same thing.

They've been 12-months short, 12-months late, pardon me. SNL's finally catching up for the fact that nobody likes Biden. So, now it's cool to make fun of him on SNL. Their brothers-in-arms, SNL, are doing the exact same thing we did 12 months ago. And I'm supposed to issue some sort of a correction? No, thanks.

Again, hey guys, I want to zero, okay? I want zero from NewsGuard.

I want to be as far away as possible from The New York Times. Anything less than that, I'm going to be upset, okay? Alright.


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