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Newsmax Features ForAmerica

"Newsmax Features ForAmerica" Transcript:

David Bozell: Hey Newsmax, thank you guys. They picked up ForAmerica's [remakes of some Disney classics]. So, we redid in funny meme formats, because we're funny, we redid a bunch of Disney movies and I know there are some copycats out there. I know who you are. So, just one of these days, you're going to get called out for copying our content. That's okay. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

So, we had a bunch of fun with Disney, the groomer theme park, if you will. And man, it's the funniest thing, watching the Left get upset when you throw down the "Okay, Groomer" card.

And this is all on the heals of DeSantis and the Florida, the parents' rights bill, and trying to prevent wacko teachers from teaching about sex and gender to kindergartners. And the Left is just hysterical, even Bill Kristol, who used to be a conservative, supposedly in a former life, he's all ticked off. And so you get the sense that they're quite sensitive about being called groomers or even joking around about that stuff. And maybe we're onto something. But anyway, let me focus on the task at hand and that's Newsmax. Let's run the clip that Newsmax played of ForAmerica's remakes of some Disney classics.

Let's get through some of these movie titles here that Disney is working on. Pocahontas is now going to be Brocahontas. This one comes to us from ForAmerica. They did a whole series of these. There's also a new flick called, oh, Snow White Privilege. That one I think is coming out next Christmas. Here's the next one in the series. They're updating all these. Cinderfella is a new one coming out as well. And I think we have one more, right? Or is that it? Oh yes, Little Merma'am. So, coming to a theater near you.

Not coming to a theater near you, fact checking nitwits, it's just a joke. I thought Cinderfella is my favorite. Alright, well, thanks a lot Newsmax for broadcasting those to your audience. Love to get the adulation and the feedback. And be careful out there.

Anyone looking to go to Disney for their spring break? Watch out for those employees. They might be, they might be wanting to do some grooming. Watch out there!

Alright, take it easy.


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