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Texas, Do Better Than John Cornyn


DAVID: Texas... people, Texans, do better. Please do better than John Cornyn. I have no idea how this guy continues to get elected from the great state of Texas. Here's the latest example of just how unbelievably out of touch this guy is. There's a tweet about four hours ago this morning - 7:30AM, sometime this morning.

It's about Zelensky. Now, the tweet is very clunky. It almost looks like --- if I had to bet money, I bet that this is an email that was being passed around Cornyn's staff and whomever is responsible for posting John Cornyn tweets just straight up copied and pasted the whole thing ... because it's really clunky. It's almost got…a subject line. It says “Zelensky has an answer for DeSantis:” So, if you remember DeSantis had answered Tucker with regards to the Ukraine question. He said that this was a border dispute that we shouldn't be risking lives and treasure over there. And he wanted… the war to end, wanted peace. Okay, and I guess Cornyn, for all the criticism now, this newfound criticism that Ron DeSantis and I'm not and I'm not planning my flag here for Ron DeSantis here, but there's a lot of criticism from Trump world that Ron DeSantis is, quote unquote establishment.

And here's John Cornyn, who ... you can't get more establishment than John Cornyn, blasting DeSantis for his remarks about Zelensky. So Cornyn's tweet says, Zelensky has an answer for DeSantis. This is a quote now of John Cornyn quoting somebody quoting Zelensky. “Ukrainian President Volodimir Zelensky didn't want to appeal to the heart of Americans, in other words, but to their heads, this was his answer. Help us fight them here. Help us fight. Help us defeat them here and you won't have to fight them. Anywhere else.”

So, somebody got Zelensky to say that, and it's not the first time that he's said stuff like that, but even in the tweet, Cornyn has spelled Zelensky two different ways. One's got the Ukrainian version with the two Y's at the end. The other one's got the more English standard version with just the single Y at the end of his name. He's just straight up gripping and ripping from a publication. But look, the end result is John Cornyn is basically blasting Ron DeSantis and using Zelensky to do it.

Dude, you've got a border crisis that is second to none awful.

I saw a video this morning of a two-year-old boy, having crossed the border essentially with no adult supervision. Unaccompanied minor, two years old, two years old. The nearest group of adults was a group of Chinese nationals that Texas Department of Safety had picked up, and then they found this two year old boy near them…

Apparently he was just looking for anybody, any sort of adult supervision to help him get to where he needed to be. And he had a note stapled essentially to his clothes with an address to somebody in Louisiana. And so, there's a terrific video. Not terrific, but there's a video of that.

That stuff is happening like almost on the every hour on the hour… Senator Cornyn, in your state. Not to mention the disgusting gun control package that you've helped orchestrate late last year. Texas, do better.

And for folks who are saying that DeSantis establishment, here's basically the prince of the establishment in the Senate, John Cornyn, trying to take DeSantis to the woodshed about Ukraine.

It just doesn't really add up. But Texas, more than anything, please get rid of this dude.



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